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How Will You Celebrate National Chocolate Lovers Month?

Valentine’s Day may be for lovers…but the entire month of February is for lovers of chocolate. Just what’s so special about this creamy concoction that it merits an entire month in its honor? Here’s a closer look at what’s made chocolate a favorite food through the millennia, along with three delicious ways to celebrate National Chocolate Lovers Month this February.

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What better way to go than by Death by Chocolate?

A Sweet History

Chocolate may be one of contemporary life’s sweetest pleasures, but its backstory is plenty spicy, as well. Dating back roughly 4,000 years or so, chocolate was first imbibed by ancient civilizations including the Mesoamericans, who roasted and ground cacao beans into a paste before brewing it into a frothy drink with the additional flavors of honey, vanilla, and chili peppers.

During these times, chocolate was also believed to be an aphrodisiac and mood booster — some even thought it had mystical properties!

While we may have since determined that chocolate is not technically magic — regardless of what JK Rowling has to say on the matter — scientists have concluded that it does have spirit-lifting qualities. Says The Guardian of popping a piece of chocolate in one’s mouth, “The whole experience is like a really glorious kiss, and indeed the association of chocolate with romance is well documented.” Is it really any wonder, then, that chocolate today remains so beloved?

Celebrating the Sensation

Indeed, eating chocolate is more than an experience; it’s a sensation, and one well worth sharing, which is why we’ve identified three ways to communally celebrate National Chocolate Month this February.

1. Host a Chocolate-Themed Party

Want to earn the title of “Year’s Best Hostess”? Here’s one simple way to seal the deal: throw a chocolate-themed party! Whether you have a decadent tasting featuring sublime chocolates with their perfect wine pairings or go for a full-on chocolate smorgasbord, you can’t go wrong when you plan an event around chocolate.

Whichever route you go, a major part of throwing a truly extraordinary bash is serving truly extraordinary chocolate. Don’t have a world-famous chocolatier in your backyard? You’re in luck. Thanks to FoodyDirect’s amazing assortment of gourmet mail order chocolate, you can offer your guests the finest chocolate the country has to offer.

One last thing to keep in mind? Whichever chocolates you choose — except for ice cream, natch — keep it out of the fridge or freezer. Experts recommend serving chocolate at room temperature.

And don’t forget party favors — the perfect finishing touch. Send guests home with chocolate-themed goodie bags featuring samples of the chocolate specialties they enjoyed over the course of the evening.

2. Send Chocolates to Far-Off Loved Ones

If you’re separated from loved ones by geography, sending food gifts on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to express your feelings. However, love isn’t just about a single day. During National Chocolate Lovers Month, any day is the perfect day to make a gourmet food delivery in the form of unexpected and unusually delicious handcrafted chocolates from some the country’s best artisanal chocolate makers.

Not only that, but Valentine’s Day hasn’t even cornered the market when it comes to February holidays and chocolate-centric holidays. February 14th also plays host to National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day, while the 19th and 28th, which are National Chocolate Mint Day and National Chocolate Souffle Day, respectively.

Some of our favorite chocolate food gifts? Cult fave Cake Monkey’s novel yet nostalgic and completely nosh-worthy Cakewiches and iconic Eileen’s Special Cheesecake’s Chocolate cheesecake.

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Cakewiches: A sophisticated spin on Ding-Dongs.

3. Cook a Special Meal for Your Nearest and Dearest

You don’t have to throw a huge soiree to celebrate National Chocolate Lovers Month, however. Hosting a dinner party for a handful of your closest friends — or perhaps an even more intimate event just for two — is another equally festive way to observe the occasion.

While appetizers and main courses are always important, dessert takes center stage in this meal. The sky’s the limit when it comes to all of your rich, chocolatey choices, including everything from chocolate cheesecake, chocolate cherry pecan tamales and Mississippi mud pie to chocolate truffle cake, tiramisu, and “Death by Chocolate” biscotti from Los Angeles’s all-natural and “dangerously good” Pizzscotti.

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Simply irresistible.

Or, put a tasty twist on the event by hosting a chocolate-themed brunch, instead. Chocolate glazed croissant donuts, chocolate babka, and chocolate rugelach are all wonderful ways to start your guests’ days off on a sweet note thanks to Breads Bakery, the Donut Pub and FoodyDirect, of course.

National Chocolate Lovers Month only comes around once a year. Can you think of a better reason to nurture the loved ones in your life than with a party, special meal, or food gift featuring chocolate? Browse our most popular delicious food gifts to make your scrumptious selections today.