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What’s Cooking for 2016: Mail Order Foods and Pie

It’s that time of year again! From the National Restaurant Association to various food consultancies, everyone’s sharing their predictions for what’s cooking in 2016. One thing’s for certain: the future is certainly looking delicious. Wondering what trends, in particular, we can expect to see in the year ahead? We’ve rounded up three of our top picks.

Mail order foods

2016 is upon us. What’s going to be on your plate?

1. Amazonian

No, not as in the rain forest, but as in the online retailing juggernaut which has changed the way we live our lives by putting nearly anything we can dream of within a two-day (in some regions, same-day!) delivery window. But why should this be the domain of non-comestibles? In short, it shouldn’t and it isn’t.

The latest trend sweeping the culinary world? Mail order foods offering the same one-click convenience and instant gratification of Amazon. While enjoying your favorite meals, snacks, desserts and more from all over the country used to be at best case an ordeal, mail order gourmet services literally put a sublimely cultivated assortment of foods at your fingertips.

The meal delivery phenomenon also overlaps with another trend many expect to see ahead: fast-casual. Life moves faster than ever these days, but when time is tight, people no longer want to choose between quality and immediacy. Mail order food offers a savory solution.

2. Artisanal

Eating is no longer a simple matter of satisfying hunger. Rather, today’s consumers are requesting a side dish of experience. People want meals that are memorable not just because of the way they taste, but also because of the unique ways in which they connect with them.

Mail order foods

Made by human hands.

Artisanal foods satisfy this craving and then some. From artisanal pies and jams to seafood, meats, cheeses and ice cream, foods that tell a story are expected to sate both body and soul in 2016.

And while embracing artisanry may seem like a throwback to simpler times, it is only through the miracle of technology that these foods are now accessible to the wider public.

3. Authentic

Piggybacking off of the artisanal trend comes authenticity. As more and more people are choosing to eat according to their unique values, it makes sense that tastes are changing. We’re not talking about palates, but about preferences — specifically regarding how we get our food and where it comes from.

People today are no longer content to eat something merely because it tastes good. And while an “anything goes” attitude may apply in terms of people’s willingness to try new flavors — Millennials are nothing if not epicurean adventurers — the overriding factor remains the authenticity of products and ingredients.

From mail order pies made with love in a real kitchen based on a generations’-old recipe to fresh seafood flown straight from the coast of Maine to your door, the importance of authenticity cannot be overstated moving forward.

Mail order foods

Small batch means just right in 2016.

In 2016, one word will continue to rise above the rest when it comes to consumer eating trends: experience. Which makes good sense. After all, you only get 365 breakfasts, lunches and dinners in a year, why not make them all as epic as possible? Get a jumpstart on 2016 food trends today by shopping the latest mail order foods from FoodyDirect.