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The Verdict Is In: Pasta is Hot!

That pasta has long been a beloved food in the U.S. is not exactly a surprise. However, Google’s most recent Food Trends Report reveals that pasta in all of its glorious incarnations may be poised for even greater, well, greatness. Let’s take a closer look at Google’s findings, including why pasta continues to reign supreme along with some other foods expected to have major moments of their own in the near future.


Who can say “no” to homemade gnocchi?

Google Weighs In

Google has become society’s collective go-to for information. It stands to reason that what people are entering into the search fields speaks to popular interest. Google’s Food Trends Report is a result of the amalgamation of these queries. Explains the colossal search engine, “With every query typed into a search bar, we are given a glimpse into user considerations or intentions. By compiling top searches, we are able to render a strong representation of the United States’ population and gain insight into this population’s behavior.”

Specifically, Google analytics used this information to curate a list of interesting trends broken out into categories, such as “sustained risers” (consistently popular foods), “seasonal risers” (seasonal trends predicted to return stronger each year) and “rising stars” (foods which experienced rapid growth over a period of months).

Also evaluated by Google? Foods not performing as well, including “sustained decliners,” “seasonal decliners,” and “falling stars.”

The Power of Pasta

So how did pasta fare, according to Google’s findings? Better than any other type of food. In fact, not one, not two, but three types of pasta made the list of sustained risers.

In addition to types of pasta like tortellini and linguine, search results also highlighted the allure of stuffed pasta as well as popular side dishes. So what are people searching for alongside pasta? Sausage, beef, chicken, ham and the ultimately luxurious pasta ingredient: lobster.

Not a single type of pasta, meanwhile, landed on a single one of the declining lists. The takeaway? Not only do Americans love pasta, but that love — compared to many other food trends — is singularly steadfast.

Beyond Pasta

While pasta may have made the strongest showing, it was far from the only winner. Pork was also particularly popular — with Americans drawn to comfort foods like American-style barbecue.

Speaking of comfort foods, the good, old-fashioned Bundt cake also earned a spot on Google’s “Sustained Risers” roundup — proving that, regardless of trends and changing tastes, good food will always be in demand.

Guest gourmet food

Bundts remain beloved.

And while there’s no substitute for traditional pasta and meatballs, there are also endless ways to enjoy the evolution of pasta, thanks to creative culinary offerings including everything from fresh black squid ink pasta to white and black truffle ravioli.

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