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Tips for Throwing an Elegant Cocktail Party

Of course, backyard cookouts are a blast—they’re casual, perfect for summertime, and have the best grub. But sometimes, you want to throw a more sophisticated shindig that doesn’t involve children running around sticky-fingered and dripping pool water.

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Enter the cocktail party: the adult version of a house party. Everyone is civilized and dressed well but still having fun. Want to try your hand at throwing your own cocktail party? Let us help!

Set the Scene

With a cocktail party, you don’t have to do too much in terms of decor. Pushing some of your living room furniture to the perimeter of the room creates space for guests to mingle. Keep lights dim to avoid any unflattering overhead lighting. Create a designated area for drinks if you don’t have a bar so people know where to go to top their glasses off. It doesn’t take much to decorate a cocktail party since the drinks and food will take center stage anyway.


It’s all in the name: You can’t throw a cocktail party without cocktails. We recommend either choosing some cocktails that you know how to make quick and make well or choose one or two cocktails that you can make large batches of. If you choose to make them as you go, keep in mind that you’ll have to be on deck to make your guests cocktails throughout the night. If you’d rather enjoy the party, a big batch of cocktails that guests can pour at their leisure might be the better option. Try these large batch cocktail recipes on for size.


Finger Foods

If your guests are downing cocktails, they’ll need something delicious to pair them with. For your wine drinking friends, you can’t go wrong with an all-star filled cheese plate. The Greatest Hits Cheese Collection from Murray’s Cheese features four expertly curated cheeses, two sweet jams, crisp crackers, and apricots. It’s your one-stop cocktail party platter.

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To really elevate a party, bring out the big guns. This Imported Sevruga Sable’s Caviar will have all your guests oohing and aahing. The smooth, buttery flavor will make you feel classy as can be in no time.

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Soft and sweet macarons from Woops can instantaneously transport you to Paris with a single bite. This party tray features 3 dozen delectable macarons. These colorful conversation starters will definitely be the center of attention.

An elegant soiree doesn’t have to be a ton of work—let the food and the cocktails do the heavy lifting for you! For more cocktail party inspiration, make sure you check out some cocktail party favorites from around the country courtesy of FoodyDirect.