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Time to Send Good Cheer: Do it with Food!

Forget jolly: ’tis the season to be hungry! For many people, the holidays are accompanied by thoughts of roaring fires and time spent with family and friends. But something else comes to mind when we think of holiday cheer: food. The food we set on our holiday tables is intrinsically linked with the memories we make season after season. It’s no surprise that — in lieu of yet another tie or scarf — so many people choose to fete their loved ones with gourmet food gifts during this special season of giving.

Home is Where the Food Is
Think fast: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “holidays”? For many people, the response is an instant flash of food. Different as they may be, all families have traditions. Whether it’s your great-grandmother’s Christmas Eve “Feast of the Seven Fishes,” cookie-decorating with your siblings on a snowy mid-December afternoon, or bagel brunch on Thanksgiving morning when all the kids are finally home from college and under one roof, food is part of nearly every occasion where people gather and celebrate.

Families are spread far and wide these days, but just because you’re away for the holidays doesn’t mean these traditions have to stop. The gift of food helps you stay connected.

But not just any old fruit basket will do. Before making your pick, stop and think about the friend or relative you’re honoring. What are his traditions? Does she have any childhood favorites? By taking these things into account, you’re sure to select a meaningful gift that expresses your affections in a unique and unforgettable way.

Whether you’re gifting to a Maine transplant or a far-off cousin who hasn’t made it to Christmas Eve in years, mail order food company FoodyDirect’s Lobsterman’s Share from Catch a Piece of Maine is the perfect present for the nostalgic seafood lover.


Send good cheer

A delicious spin on the Feast of the Seven Fishes.


Packed with the Vacation State’s most delectable assortment of shellfish, along with all the accoutrements — lobster crackers, bibs and even sea salt! — this gift is sure to make the day of any wayward Maine-uh. It also makes a terrific host or hostess gift for that special Christmas Eve tradition celebrated in many Italian-American households across the country.

Other savory gifts which evoke old memories while making new ones? Black Forest ham and bagels and lox.

Life is Sweet
Is it ever possible to go wrong with pie? The gift that keeps on giving, a fresh, wholesome pie is a perfect and happy ending to any meal … .or equally satisfying with a quiet cup of coffee in the calm after the present-opening storm.

If you’re hoping to find the perfect gift for the harried holiday host or hostess this season, Little Pie Company just might become your go-to godsend. Send a taste of the south with Key Lime, Pecan, or Mississippi Mud, go classic with a NY Cheesecake or Old Fashioned Apple, or embrace the flavors of the season with pumpkin or berry.

Beyond the Basics
But some people are more carnivore than cake-eater. If you have a favorite steak-lover in your life (and who doesn’t?) nothing says “I love you” quite like FoodyDirect’s Gift Box of California Reserve Steaks from exclusive California Flannery Beef. It even comes with a small box of “Wine Lovers Chocolate” for the sweet-toothed meat enthusiast.


Send good cheer

All wrapped up and ready for a prime spot under the tree.


Those trying to start the New Year off on the right foot, meanwhile, will enjoy the extraordinary York Hamper from Manhattan Fruittier. This stunning selection includes nine pieces of festive fruit along with a rustically beautiful basket — which can be used as part of holiday celebrations for years to come.


Send good cheer

Almost too beautiful to eat. We said “Almost.”


Tables across the country this holiday season will be more bountiful than ever for the loved ones of creative and thoughtful gourmet gift givers. After all, what better expression of love and gratitude exists than the ultimate gift of sublime sustenance?