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The Verdict Is In: Millennials Love Food!

Millennials, Millennials, Millennials. Are you tired of hearing about them yet? This generation of more than 75 million people recently overtook the Baby Boomers as the largest-ever generation, and is expected to have a profound impact on society due to the collectively unique world view of its members. The food industry is far from exempt when it comes to the influence of Millennials. It’s all good news, though. Why? Because Millennials love food! Let’s take a closer look at the Millennial obsession with all things edible.

Millennials love food

Mah-Ze-Dahr Artisanal Hand Pies offer a tasty throwback to Millennial childhoods.

What are Millennials Eating?

A growing body of research shows that Millennials are the ultimate foodie generation. They love to try new foods — both in their own kitchens and in restaurants — and are willing to pay more for new and different dining experiences.

Just how into food are Millennials? In the past few years alone, Bon App├ętit circulation had reached all-time highs — a particularly significant fact when you consider the downward trajectory of the magazine industry at large.

It follows that convention is not exactly a hallmark of the Millennial dining experience. Rather, these 24 to 35-year-olds put the focus on premium ingredients, small-batch and artisanal offerings. Ultimately, it’s not just about feeding the body, but also about fueling the soul. Food is more than nutrition; it is also a means of self-expression and entertainment.

But Millennials are also a bit of a contradiction when it comes to food. Why? Because not only is 20-30 minutes the “sweet spot” of meal preparation for them, but they’re not averse to fast food options with 41 percent reporting that they enjoy eating fast food. Mail order food, therefore, combines the best of both worlds: it’s quick and convenient, but gives Millennial appetites the in-the-kitchen experiences they crave with the food-forward characteristics they seek.

Beyond the Food

Another thing we know about Millennials? They love a good story. And while we primarily think of this in terms of the workplace where Millennials prize feeling connected and having a mission above all else, it also applies to the foods they choose to eat.

Millennials love food

Millennials embrace new flavors, like La Fournette’s Exotic Macaron Collection.

Research from J. Walter Thompson Intelligence reveals some invaluable insights into the Millennial mind, including the following:

  • 81 percent of Millennials enjoy “behind the scenes” looks at the foods they eat.
  • 80 percent of Millennials want to know how their food is grown and produced.

In other words, it’s all about authentic for Millennials — an attribute exemplified by today’s mail order food options.

So if Millennials love food, what does that mean for people who love Millennials? That gourmet food makes the perfect gift. If you’re wondering how to fete your favorite Millennial college grad, new hire, or birthday boy/girl, there’s no better way to do so than with today’s extraordinary mail order food options.

One last thing to keep in mind? Millennials prefer to eat with friends over eating alone, so make sure to get enough to share! Ready to start shopping gourmet food gifts for your favorite Millennial? FoodyDirect delivers!