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A Romantic Dinner at Home for Two

Valentine's Day Dinner for Two at Home

Valentine’s Day. Anniversary. A promotion at work. A new move. A night without the kids. There’s always a reason to celebrate with a romantic dinner for you and your significant other. Going out to a restaurant is one way to accomplish this, but staying at home can make the evening even better. If you aren’t feeling too confident about your ... Read More »

So Why Do We Give Chocolate on Valentine’s Day, Anyway?

Valentine's Day

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together in the minds of many Americans like Cupid and arrows. But how did these two things become so inextricably intertwined, and why should you keep up the chocolate-giving tradition this February 14th? Let’s take a closer look. A Rich History Chocolate’s affiliation with love and romance dates back thousands of years. The Aztec Indians ... Read More »

This Valentine’s Day Send Love with COOKIES!


  Forget chocolate or flowers. Amy’s Cookies makes cookies so seductive, you won’t need Cupid’s arrow to help woo your  sweetie this Valentine’s Day. Made by hand and with love (and top-notch ingredients) in Brooklyn, New York, these stylish treats say it all, from the sultry missives of Ooh La La collection (above) to the sweet nothings of the Be Mine box(below).   Browse all ... Read More »

Everyone Loves Chocolate


When February 14th draws near, it’s only a matter of time before red, heart-shaped chocolate boxes begin appearing in grocery stores and pharmacies. But how many people really know why this time of year means stocking up on sweets to share with your loved ones? Let’s take a closer look at the history of the holiday, along with some gourmet ... Read More »

Last call for Valentine’s Day Deliciousness Delivered!


Haven’t found just the right Valentine’s gift yet? Avoid the last-minute impulse buy for something far tastier: a romantic dinner for two, bubbly-friendly cheese collection, luscious layer cake at 25% off!), or new to-die-for chocolate-covered caramels from our newest partner, Le Petite Mousse. But hurry! You’ll need to order by Wednesday, 2/12, for Valentine’s Day delivery. Shop all our picks ... Read More »

Gluten-Free Sweets for Valentine’s Day Deliciousness


You know what your gluten-free Valentine would love more than anything? Usually off-limits goodies that satisfy the sweet tooth and taste just as good as their glutenous counterparts! And we’ve got just the stuff. Behold awesome gluten-free gifts to make your sensitive-stomached sweetie feel extra special and indulged this holiday! Brunettes Forget those dry, crumbly wannabe brownies that are the ... Read More »

Introducing Chocomize: Exciting Belgian Chocolate Bars with FREE SHIPPING!


Forget the gourmet chocolate bars gracing the shelves of your local Whole Foods and beyond. We’ve got the real deal right here–unwaveringly exceptional Belgian chocolate bars with unexpectedly wonderful toppings AND free nationwide shipping! Our latest partner, Chocomize, hails from New York and prides itself on handcrafting large, indescribably delicious chocolate bars beautifully topped with perfect, and sometimes surprising, accompaniments ... Read More »

Order Today for Delivery by Valentine’s Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, which means if you haven’t bought your sweetie a gift yet you have two options: Scramble to find something suitable during the busy work week or leave the heavy lifting to us by ordering something fabulous right now from our section dedicated to deliciously awesome gifts. Shop out our faves and take the pressure ... Read More »