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An Oprah-Crafted Meal Plan

Oprah Winfrey has been on television since 1976 where she worked as the youngest and first black female news anchor at Nashville’s WLAC-TV. Needless to say, Oprah’s been around for a while and shows no signs of going anywhere. Each year, Oprah releases a list of her favorite things from the past year. At FoodyDirect, we’re lucky because we have ... Read More »

5 Comfort Foods to Help You Beat the Winter Chill

Grandma's Chicken Soup

The first day of winter for 2017 is December 21st but if you are reading this then, we imagine it’s already pretty cold wherever you are. If you struggle to make it through a day without cuddling under a blanket or blasting a space heater a foot away from your face, we sympathize! When the temperatures start dipping, it can ... Read More »

Pizza, the Most Popular Super Bowl Game Day Food

Pizza dishes

Sure, there’s a game on, but isn’t Super Bowl Sunday really all about the food? Maybe not entirely, but it is certainly a big part of the appeal. For millions of Americans, one cheesy, sauce-laden meal tops the list of nosh-worthy foods during game day gatherings. Of course, we’re talking about pizza. Here’s a closer look at this beloved food, ... Read More »

Who Really Invented Pizza, Anyway?

National pizza day

Pizza recurs as a frequent theme in various cultures throughout history. Which begs the question: Who invented it in the first place? Is there any better time to tackle this tasty topic than during the month of September — host of National Cheese Pizza Day? Let’s take a closer look at pizza’s journey through the edible ages. Tracing Pizza’s Place ... Read More »

The Pizza Play-Offs: New York vs. Chicago


The New York Mets faced off against the Chicago Cubs earlier this year adding to a years-long rivalry between the two towns. No, we’re not talking about baseball, but about everyone’s favorite hot, cheesy, delicious meal: pizza. And while the Mets trounced the Cubs to claim their fifth-straight National League pennant, the verdict is still out on which town lays ... Read More »

Win Chicago’s Best Deep Dish Pizza Pi(e)s!

Pi Day Giveaway -3-

In honor of Pi Day on 3/14/15, we’re giving two lucky foodies Chicago’s revered deep dish pizza from My Pi Pizza Company. Each prize comes with two 12-inch deep dish pies, featuring the company’s signature sauce, triple-proofed crispy crust, and artisanal cheeses from Wisconsin. So delicious it’s as mathematically perfect a pizza can get! Enter here before March 15!    About ... Read More »

How Well Do You Know Your Regional Pizzas?


While New York is famous for its thin crust slices so large you have to fold it in half to eat it, no one region can lay claim to the country’s best pizza. There are just too many versions and at the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with dough, cheese, and tangy tomato sauce. Here’s a look ... Read More »

5 Delicious Dishes That Taste Even Better with Smoked Salmon


Bagels aren’t the only food heightened by smoked salmon (though the combo certainly is special). Smoked salmon makes everything taste better. Alright, maybe not everything but at the very least the following five dishes. Take our advice: add top-quality smoked salmon to any of these next time you’re making them and see how it adds depth and flavor. Scrambled Eggs ... Read More »

Send Your Student Better Pizza!


Everyone knows pizza is as much a staple of dorm life as text books and the snooze button. But less known is that you can send your student (or yourself) pizza pies so outrageously delicious and superior to the everyday deliveries that he or she will be the envy (or the most popular!) of all the dorm. No kidding. We’re ... Read More »

Gluten-Free Gifts for April Birthdays


If there’s one thing gluten-free people really appreciate on their birthday, it’s spectacular treats they can actually eat. Sure, they probably have their go-to snacks at the ready. But indulgences that they’ve never tried before that are not “good for gluten-free” but just plain good? Those are worth their weight in edible gold! In honor of every gluten-free person on ... Read More »