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Score a Touchdown With Your Super Bowl Party

Football Field

The Super Bowl is almost here and you need to prepare! Make sure you have everything you need at your Super Bowl party to be able to support your guests as they cheer on their favorite team to victory. We’ve got everything covered – just make sure you’re sitting in your lucky spot! Team Spirit Get your head in the ... Read More »

4 Hostess Gifts to Impress

Red and green Christmas macarons

With so many holiday parties to attend, you’ll probably want to bring along an offering for your generous host or hostess. Sure, wine is a great choice (who doesn’t love wine), if you want your gift to be immediately forgotten. Instead, opt for a hostess gift so memorable that your host/hostess will have to call you and ask where you purchased that ... Read More »

4 Tips to Hosting a Unique Holiday Party

Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake

You’re bound to be a guest at a slew of holiday parties over the next month. Our guess is that it will just be a montage of the same thing over and over until you can walk into your next shindig and give a play-by-play of every single thing that will happen. You don’t want to host a predictable holiday ... Read More »

5 Comfort Foods to Help You Beat the Winter Chill

Grandma's Chicken Soup

The first day of winter for 2017 is December 21st but if you are reading this then, we imagine it’s already pretty cold wherever you are. If you struggle to make it through a day without cuddling under a blanket or blasting a space heater a foot away from your face, we sympathize! When the temperatures start dipping, it can ... Read More »

Three Tips to An Amazing Graduation Party

Graduation party

Whether you’re celebrating a preschooler’s rite of passage or a freshly minted Ph.D., graduation parties offer the perfect opportunity to gather and celebrate with friends and family members. But not all graduation parties are created equally. These three simple tips can help you plan, execute, and enjoy a festive fete for your favorite new grad. 1. Dream Up a Theme ... Read More »

Gourmet Gifts for Grads: Popular College Town Eats

Central Babybacks

Grad party season is right around the corner! If you have a a graduate leaving home for college in the fall, a fun way to add a personal touch to gifts or festivities is feature the iconic food of their college town. With regional treats from all over the country, it’s easy to find a dish to represent their next ... Read More »

How to Throw the Ultimate Mardi Gras Party

hurricane cocktail

Fat Tuesday is all about excess and decadence–the last hurrah before lent, making it a great excuse to party, even if you’re no where near New Orleans. Here are 10 ideas on how to bring the Big Easy to your bash. Decorations via Pinterest Decorations are easy! Grab gold (symbolizes power), purple (justice), and green (faith) beads at a dollar ... Read More »

Pre-Game Special on America’s #1 Wings!


Forget the old adage. In this case, the early bird gets the …wings! As in only the very top rated wings in America for up to $20 off! For the past 45 years, Duff’s Famous Wings—ranked #1 by The Daily Meal–has been offering the kind of fiery drums and flats we all dream about—perfectly crisp and coated with tangy, mouth-flaming sauce on ... Read More »

The Right Food Can Turn Any Gathering Into a Party

Food for gathering

Eating has been a communal activity since cavemen first gathered around the newly discovered fire. And while this practice may have originated out of the “there’s safety in numbers” necessity, it has grown into an important social convention. Stop and think about it: can you even conceive of a party with no food? Or even worse — with bad food? ... Read More »

Crowd-Pleasing Cocktail Party Food


There are plenty of reasons to celebrate in the coming months. Enjoy the revelry without all the work with these gourmet, mail-order appetizers, sure to wow the masses. Bite-Sized Latkes Save the mashing, shredding, and frying to the pros–Linda’s legendary latkes in sweet potato, original, and green onion pancakes only require a few minutes in the oven. This familiar Jewish ... Read More »