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Expert Interview with Shea Goldstein Of Dixie Chik Cooks On The Joys Of Southern Cooking

Southern cooking

From fried green tomatoes and country fried steak to collard greens and cheesy grits, there’s a lot of great southern cooking that people outside of America’s south don’t ever get to know about. Shea Goldstein describes herself as “a southern belle, who’s thinking about dinner while eating lunch.” She’s got food on the brain, and she shares her passion, eloquence, ... Read More »

Seven Perfect Summer Hostess Gifts: Gourmet Gifts and Beyond

Gourmet gifts

Headed to a backyard barbecue or neighborhood pool party? While showing up empty handed isn’t an option, deciding what to bring can be a challenge of it’s own. How do you pick something you know your hosts will love? Let’s count down seven clever, creative ways to earn yourself a permanent spot on the “A” list. 1. Kidding Around Anyone ... Read More »

Must-Eat Dishes in Charleston, SC


Charleston, South Carolina, is known as a foodie paradise, with both old-school eateries and modern restaurants focusing on molecular techniques. Seafood is obviously the main attraction here due to its proximity to the water, but there’s something delicious for every appetite. We’re sharing our picks for the must-eat dishes in Charleston and where to enjoy them. Shrimp and Grits This ... Read More »

Expert Interview with Lana Lagomarsini About Eating Well on a Budget

Eating well on a budget

Everyone likes to splurge every now and again, and Lana Lagomarsini is no exception. Lana is the cook and writer behind Frugal Foodie, a blog dedicated to tasty meals that don’t require big budgets. In this interview, Lana describes how she manages to make enviable dishes that everyone can enjoy without spending exorbitant amounts of money. As a frugal foodie, ... Read More »

Expert Interview with Tim Reibling Of Cilantro Cooks On Advice For Foodies And Things To Eat When You’re In Nova Scotia


“Can you do it on a budget? Absolutely. It takes planning and thinking ahead, but you can buy food in such away that you eat well and still have money left over for other things. However, per the definition of gourmet, if you want to experience “elaborate preparations and presentations of aesthetically balanced meals of several contrasting, richly prepared courses” ... Read More »

Corporate Gifts? Consider These Tastes of Distinction

Corporate gifts

Corporate gift giving isn’t just a courtesy when expertly done; rather, it can be an effective tool for developing and enhancing your business relationships. Here’s a breakdown on the corporate gift giving tradition, along with how to choose a corporate gift that won’t end up shoved in a drawer or tossed in the recycle pile. The Rising Popularity of Corporate ... Read More »

Corporate Gifts That Can Boost Employee Engagement

Corporate gifts

Employee engagement is a leading business priority for today’s progress-minded companies, according to the Harvard Business Review. Why? Because engagement has been linked to everything from increased innovation to enhanced productivity while reducing hiring costs and boosting bottom-line performance. Just how important is employee engagement? A whopping 71 percent of business leaders ranked employee engagement as mission-critical for organizational success. ... Read More »

Expert Interview with Paul Jaminet of Perfect Health Diet on Ancestral Gourmet Cuisine


When you hear the term “paleolithic diet,” it might conjure images of foraging for nuts and roots, gamey venison and raw fish. You might also picture emaciated, sodden people hiding out from woolly mammoths and sabertooth tigers. In fact, it turns out that most residents of the paleolithic age were almost unanimously healthy. Scientists have found a noticeable lack of ... Read More »