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An American Classic: Our Favorite Cherry Dishes

Image courtesy of Unsplash

According to the American Pie Council (How do we get on that council?!), the cherry pie first came to the United States along with the first settlers. Early American pie crusts weren’t even eaten and used merely as a container for the rest of the pie. The cherry pie is an American staple and there’s even a national holiday for ... Read More »

Highlights of a Foodie Walking Tour of Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is a popular destination for all-inclusive vacations as well as a busy cruise ship port. As a result, many of the tourists traveling there will probably be eating in their hotel or on board their cruise liner. But those willing to make an excursion into the historic downtown of the city will be rewarded with a rich experience ... Read More »

Expert Interview with James Lindsey on Food Blogs

Food blogs

James Lindsey enjoys a good food blog. He created Cook Like a Man to write all about the type of food prep that involves meat, flames, smoke and your eyes and plenty of gadgets (i.e.: manly cooking). When he wanted to increase his readership, he got his site listed on FoodieFeeds, an aggregator of food-related blogs that he later took ... Read More »

Awesome Food Gifts Under $50 for August Birthdays


Did you know that August is one of the most popular birthday months (second only to September)? Check your birthday reminders on your calendar and you’re likely to see a serious line up for next month. The good news is we can take the headache out of gift giving. And we can do it right now, while you’re thinking about ... Read More »