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Summer’s Most Creative Ice Cream Flavors

custom-flavors-spoonsVanilla and chocolate are wonderful classics but these innovative flavors are shaking up summer desserts. And they’re all available for

Nye’s Cream and Cookies Summer Collection 

Pints Top Cropped Color
Spoon-ready versions of their famous ice cream sandwiches are exactly what your bowls have been missing. Flavors like Strawberry Shortcake, Key Lime Pie, Peach Crisp, and Blueberry Pie transform classic summer desserts into a melty, creamy scoop-able sensation.

Sorbabe’s Sophisticated Sensations

Forget the traditional fruit sorbet flavors. Sorbabes created their own rich and velvety dairy-free sorbets with layers of flavor and texture, starting with Pistachio Sea Salted Caramel, which put the company on the map. Whole organic pistachios laced with a French sea salted caramel sauce is a match made in sorbet heaven. And you’d never guess it’s dairy-free!

Capannari’s Chip off the Cold Block Flavors
Best of Chip_Tile Image_CAP
Mint chip is a classic, but Capannari Ice Cream (recently named the best mail-order ice creams by Saveur Magazine) has expanded their chocolate chip repertoire to include less expected flavors such as coconut and black raspberry.

Blue Marble’s Fresh Green Tea Ice Cream
green tea ice cream

Blue Marble makes their organic green tea ice cream by cold-steeping stone-ground organic green tea leaves in grass-fed dairy. The result is in an earthy and refreshing Japanese-inspired treat.

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