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Summer Food Bucket List

How to throw a Labor Day beach cookout!

With Labor Day being the unofficial end of summer (the official final day is September 22nd this year), you’re probably winding down and getting ready to settle into autumn mode. Hold your horses! Did you get the chance to indulge in all your favorite summer snacks yet? If not, we’ve got a fast track list of summer essentials that you simply cannot miss out on!

Crisp, Organic Yellow Peaches

Everything is Peachy Keen

Start your summer feast off with something fresh and juicy. These sweet California peaches are grown organically right in Frog Hollow Farm’s sunny Brentwood, California orchard. Nothing captures the spirit of summer quite like sinking your teeth into the soft skin of a bright peach and feeling the sweet juice dripping down your chin. Choose between a 3 lb box or a 5 lb box to get your peach fix before the end of summer.

The Taste of the Ocean

Fresh Pacific Oysters

Oysters are the epitome of summer! There’s nothing quite like shucking one open and tipping it back to taste the brininess of the sea all within a small half-shell. Taylor Shellfish Farms is one of the oldest and most respected seafood-purveyors on the West Coast. When you purchase the Fresh Pacific Oyster Sampler you’ll receive three dozen of the tastiest oysters you can get your hands on. Taylor Shellfish Farms recommend enjoying their fresh, salty oysters with a glass of your favorite chilled, dry white wine.

Ice Cream, You Scream

Even as an adult, the jaunty tune played from the ice cream truck can still give you the same thrill you felt as a child. That’s because ice cream is AMAZING and you’ve learned to associate that song with the icy cold of a tasty ice cream treat. So let yourself sink back into your childhood to send off summer. Capannari’s All-American Collection features 6 of the most delectable ice cream flavors to fully encapsulate that sweet summer feeling. You’ll have a stockpile of summer sweets to last you through the fall.

Truly Sub-lime

There are some places that seem to be in a perpetual summer state. The Florida Keys are definitely one of those locations. Little Pie Company’s Key Lime Pie is exactly what you need to squeeze all the juice out of summer before it ends. Their tart but sweet pies are made with real key lime juice for the freshest flavor. Every bite is a tropical escape.

Sweet-Tart Key Lime Pie

If you feel like you haven’t made the most of your summer yet, there’s still time! Choose from these summer delicacies and have them shipped straight to your door. You can squeeze all your favorite summer treats into one outstanding feast.

Are these dishes not your taste? Check out the rest of our summer favorites to help you enjoy the last few weeks of summer.