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Shipping Costs in Context

We know!  We know that because of food’s perishable nature, shipping it across the country is expensive.  And we are not happy about that  either.

As we evolve, we’ll do everything we can to lower the price of shipping so it will cost less to get the great food from our partners delivered directly to you. In another posting, we’ll spell out precisely what steps we’re taking to lower these costs, but for the moment, consider this:

Last week my wife, daughter and I dined at a local favorite spot in Menlo Park, California. When paying the check, although the cost of the food was $57, after the wine corkage fee of $18, taxes of $6, and tip of $16, our total bill came to $97!  Thus the food comprised 60% and the other charges 40% of the total bill. Had we bought that meal online and shipped it to our home, it would have cost less.

At FoodyDirect we will continually strive to lower the shipping cost as a percent of the total cost.  But while you pay the shipping charges to have our great food delivered to your door, you are also not paying for corkage, tips, taxes, and even travel costs to the restaurant. Plus you can invite guests and enjoy a truly special dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

So when you order from FoodyDirect, consider the total cost of the order compared to the all-in cost of dining out at a top restaurant.   Hopefully, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Brad Koenig
Founding Partner

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