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Score a Touchdown With Your Super Bowl Party

Football Field

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The Super Bowl is almost here and you need to prepare! Make sure you have everything you need at your Super Bowl party to be able to support your guests as they cheer on their favorite team to victory. We’ve got everything covered – just make sure you’re sitting in your lucky spot!

Team Spirit

Get your head in the game and deck your home out for the big game. If your team is playing, you can’t go wrong with sticking to your team’s colors! Consider balloons and inflatable footballs. You can DIY your own football field tablecloth with just a few supplies to add some personality to your table.

The Setup

Stock up on napkins, sturdy plates and bowls, and cutlery. Folks are bound to get into this game and you want to know that the plates are capable of holding the heaping piles of food they’re sure to stack up. You’ll also want to grab some extra coolers to park in the vicinity of the TV so that no one has to go far to grab another icy beverage before getting back to the game.

Keep trash cans within reach so your guests aren’t tempted to leave their forgotten plates on your counters and end tables. Don’t worry, though. With the menu you’ll have prepared, NO ONE will be able to put their plates down!


The main event (other than the game, of course) will be the grub. Food is, to be completely honest, the only reason to host a Super Bowl party if your team isn’t playing. Impress your guests with your cooking skills or impress them with your FoodyDirect selections!

Pigs in Blankets

For the kickoff, a party pack of Pigs in Blankets from Brooklyn Piggies is ideal. They’re the perfect finger food for guests to snack on as they mill about before the game starts. Plus, they won’t make a mess!

The big game gets intense. Make sure your guests are fueled up with some easy to grab snacks. A little heartier than Pigs in Blankets, these Campo’s Deli Philly Cheesesteaks and Hoagies are the perfect grab-and-go dinners. No utensils needed! Your guests will love this scrumptious snack as they cheer on their team.


You can either save this for your end of game celebration or you can serve it at halftime to cool down your riled-up guests. Either way, you win! Carvel’s delicious Game Ball Ice Cream Cake is the perfect end to a (hopefully) perfect game. Shaped like the classic pigskin, this cake is made with layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate crunchies, and fresh, fluffy, whipped frosting. Don’t let an L keep you from enjoying this frosty treat.

Football Ice Cream Cake

Your Super Bowl party will be the talk of the town if you follow these tips. For more FoodyDirect dishes to spice up your game day, head here! You’ll impress your guests no matter what you choose.