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Say Goodbye to Summer with These 5 Seasonal Foods

School may be starting, the days may be growing shorter, and the weather may be turning crisp, but it’s still summer. Which means you’ve got at least a little while longer to enjoy the finest flavors of the season. Read on for a roundup of five perfect pics to make summer — or at least, the taste of summer — stick around just a little while longer.

1. Lobster

Does anything evoke the feeling of the splendors of summer in the Vacation State quite like fresh lobster fished straight out of Maine’s briny waters?

But all lobsters aren’t created equally, and one name in particular stands out from the rest when it comes to sublime taste and succulent texture: Homarus. Sourcing its lobsters from pristine 50-foot waters miles off the coast, this acclaimed Manhattan lobster purveyor supplies deep-water delights to many of the country’s finest restaurants, including Gramercy Tavern, Nobu, Jean Georges, The French Laundry, Le Bernardin, Oceana and Per Se.

Seasonal foods

You supply the butter. Let FoodyDirect do the rest.

Order a few up for you and your sweetheart, or make a scrumptious splash by inviting your nearest and dearest over for an epicurean, end-of-summer lobster feast. The best part? Gourmet mail order food company FoodyDirect makes it easier than ever to get your claws on these beauties. Just pick and click — then wait for them to be delivered direct to your door.

2. S’mores

No summer night around the campfire or fire pit is complete without a hearty helping of everyone’s favorite graham cracker/marshmallow/chocolate confection. Of course, we’re talking about ooey, gooey and deliciously decadent S’mores. But if you’ve been indulging in S’mores all season, why not take things to the next level with something familiarly festive and yet wholly unexpected?

Enter Butter & Scotch’s transcendent S’mores Pie. The Brooklyn bar and bakery’s most popular pie, this tasty treat is guaranteed to keep people talking through the winter until next summer’s anxiously awaited arrival.

Of course, summer is all about pie and, thanks to FoodyDirect, you’ve got your pick of all things peach, strawberry rhubarb, cherry, berry, and invigorating Key Lime.

Seasonal foods

Two words: S’mores Pie.

3. BBQ

It’s not time to pack away the grill yet! In fact, some of the best barbecuing weather is yet to come. So why not stock up? FoodyDirect’s “Grilling Greats” makes it simple to serve up unbelievably flavorful burgers, sliders, sausages, and steaks — all guaranteed to please a carnivorous crowd.

But it doesn’t end there. FoodyDirect’s carefully cultivated “Best of Barbecue” menu also gives you access to the most amazing ribs, pulled pork, burnt ends, sausage, brisket and beyond, along with all your favorite “fixins” and signature sides from the country’s most celebrated pitmasters, including Central Barbecue, Montgomery Inn, Snow’s BBQ, Lillie’s Q, The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint, Black’s Barbecue, Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ, 17th Street BBQ, Jack Stack BBQ and Carolina Cue-To-Go.

4. Ice Cream Sandwiches

After digging into all that beautiful barbecue, you’ll need a sweet treat to finish things off. And with winter’s chill not yet upon us, there’s still plenty of time for this frosty favorite — with a foodie twist. Nye’s Handcrafted offerings are made in small batches with the finest ingredients, earning them the reputation as the very best around. (After all, Martha Stewart wouldn’t give her seal of approval to just any old ice cream sandwich.)

Seasonal foods

Grab a handful of summer thanks to Nye’s Handcrafted and FoodyDirect.

Usually available in classic American flavor combinations, Nye’s also serves up seasonal selections which redefine refreshment. Don’t miss your chance to discover the “Summer Flavor” pack, featuring two each of Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Meyer Lemon Cardamom and Raspberry Cheesecake.

5. Cioppino

A quote often (and incorrectly) attributed to Mark Twain goes, “The coldest winter I ever spend was a summer in San Francisco.” And while San Francisco weather may not be what comes to mind when we think of typical summer, it is a city which originated the quintessential summer Italian-style seafood stew known as Cioppino.

Our pick? Phil’s Fish Market’s extraordinary Cioppino in a Bucket, packed with Monterey’s unparalleled seafood and produce, including Dungeness crab, scallops, prawns, calamari, mussels, fish, and clams — all simmered-to-perfection tomato-based broth. Think “fresh” and “mail order” are mutually exclusive terms? Think again. Phil’s Cioppino not only bested Bobby Flay’s in a head-to-head competition, but is cooked to order, frozen, and shipped the very same day! And did we happen to mention that Phil’s Fish Market has been named one of the five best beach restaurants in the world — and the only one in the US?

Just because summer’s ending doesn’t mean the end of all of its phenomenal flavors. Even better news? While all good things must eventually come to an end, FoodyDirect’s got you covered in fall, winter and spring, too, thanks to a near-endless assortment of fresh, seasonal picks.  Browse our mouth-watering assortment of foods to get started today.