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A Rundown of FoodyDirect Food Clubs

FoodyDirect Food Clubs

There’s nothing better than having amazing gourmet foods delivered right to your front door – coming home from a long day at work and being able to sit right down and indulge in an excellent meal. Actually, there is one thing better…but what is it? Having delicious gourmet foods delivered right to your front door EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. Here’s a rundown of our outstanding food clubs that get you reservations to some of the best restaurants in the country, all without leaving your home.

Cake of the Month

FoodyDirect Cake of the Month Club

Sure, your birthday is only once a year, but no one has to know that. Celebrate every single month with a scrumptious cake that will make your neighbors jealous. The Cake of the Month club features cakes from bakeries like Ferrara Bakery, Eileen’s Cheesecake, We Take the Cake, and Carousel Cakes. Being a member of the Cake of the Month Club is a reason to celebrate! Treat yourself to a cake this month, and next month, and the month after that…

BBQ of the Month

FoodyDirect BBQ of the Month Club

Every barbecue connoisseur understands how difficult it is to find good barbecue outside of the southern states. You have to find a place with the perfect sauce and the perfect, fall-off-the-bone meat – it’s practically impossible. The BBQ of the Month Club delivers the best of the best of the south directly to your door. Choose from BBQ joints around the country like Texas, Memphis, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

Sable’s Smoked Salmon of the Month

Sable's Salmon of the Month Club

Start your mornings off the right way with an excellent smoked salmon breakfast from Sable’s. A full pound of fresh smoked salmon will be delivered to your door every month and we can’t think of a better way to kick off the day! For those who subscribe for April, you’ll be receiving a delivery of Norwegian & Pastrami Smoked Salmon. Make sure you have some tasty bagels to go along with your smoked salmon.

Cookies & Brownie of the Month

Cookies and Brownies of the Month Club

You’ve been working hard all month and we know that you deserve a treat. Secure yourself a delivery each month of the most decadent cookies and brownies in the country. Depending on the month, you can receive shipments from tasty bakeries like Sweet Lady Jane, Cake Sweet Food Chicago, and Jenny’s Homemade Cookies. Coming up in April, subscribers will be receiving deliveries of Classic Cookies from Cake Sweet Food Chicago.

I Heart New York Food of the Month

I Heart NY Food of the Month Club

New York City brings to mind visions of bright lights, Broadway plays, and some of the greatest food in the world. Since we can’t deliver Broadway productions to your doorstep, we’re sticking with the food! You’ll get anything from New York bagels, juicy pastrami sandwiches, rich cheesecakes, and legendary babka. No matter where your address is, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of hustling, bustling NYC.

Enjoy your favorite foods from around the country, not just once, but every month (or every 3 months, if you like). You can be a member of any one of these tasty clubs, you just have to decide which!

For more FoodyDirect food clubs check out our website here. If you could have one food from our catalog delivered to your front door every month, what would you choose? Share your picks with us on Facebook and Twitter.