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Planning a Magical Bridal Shower


Spring and summer weddings are incredibly popular and you’re bound to have a few invitations to some bridal showers coming up. If you’re in charge of planning one, however, you’ve got your work cut out for you! Don’t let the stress of planning get in the way of what should be a very joyous and fun celebration. We’ll take it from here.


The first thing people will notice when entering the space is the vibe of the room. Try to stick to the color palette of the wedding so it feels cohesive. However, you shouldn’t feel constrained to those colors. Keep everything in the colors of the chosen palette though, from the cups to the tablecloths to the banners to the flowers. We love the chalkboard trend! Using chalkboard paint and a template, write a message of congratulations to the soon-to-be Mrs. and be sure to include a countdown to the big day.


Sure, guests attend bridal showers to support the bride but the real reason is for all the fun shower games! One of the easiest games to play is the “Put a Ring on it” game. Every guest is given a fake ring at the beginning of the shower. If someone says the words “bride” or “wedding”, anyone listening can take their ring. Whoever ends up with the most bling wins a prize.

Prior to the day of the shower, ask the groom questions about his bride. During the shower, ask the attending guests what they think the groom answered. Whoever gets the most right answers, wins a prize!



The first impression may come from the decorations but the lasting impression of the bridal shower will come from the gourmet food. Make sure the spread is something the ladies are sure to remember! We’re huge fans of brunch bridal showers, so opt for these chocolate croissants straight from Brooklyn, NY. If brunch isn’t your speed, try this Antipasto Classico from, a plate filled with supreme meats, cheeses and Italian breads from Arthur Avenue Italian Deli. It’s a great opener for an excellent meal.


For the main course, the Deli Heaven New York Deli Platter is the perfect light fare for a bridal celebration. Your guests will have the choice of Corned Beef, Smoked Pastrami, and Roasted Turkey. Don’t fill up too much! You need to save room for this excellent Marble Cheesecake from Eileen’s Special Cheesecake.



Don’t forget a gift for the bride! While we’re big fans of the newest trend of giving the bride the gift of no thank you notes, as the person throwing the shower, you should probably be giving the bride something tangible too. The bride deserves something sweet to snack on as she plans the biggest event of her life: her wedding. We suggest these colorful Macarons from Woops! Macarons. They’re unique and most importantly, they’re delicious!
Give the bride a spectacular bridal shower that will sweep her off her feet. With FoodyDirect at the helm, you’re bound to throw a soiree the likes of which everyone will never forget.