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Pi Day: Digging into This Scrumptious Celebration

What’s the one holiday that mathematicians look forward to more than the rest of us? Pi Day, of course! All over the world this March 14th, people will gather to celebrate this superstar mathematical ratio in a variety of different ways. Our pick? Pie-eating, of course! Let’s take a closer look at some particularly scrumptious ways to join in the fun this year.

Pi Day

Pi is no ordinary ratio. This is no ordinary pie.

The 411 on Pi Day

You’re not alone if you need a refresher on your seventh-grade geometry. Named after the Greek letter “π,” pi is simply the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. While pi is typically represented as 3.14, it is an irrational number — meaning its precise value can’t be calculated.

Not only that, but it never ends. Like, ever. To date, pi has been calculated to 51 billion decimal places, although the record is constantly being broken due to increasingly sophisticated computer technology.

Mathematicians will tell you that pi is a pretty cool number, so much so that some of the world’s most brilliant minds, including ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy, China’s Tsu Ch’ung Chi and Germany’s Ludolph van Ceulen, have devoted themselves to its study. In addition to your nearest soup can, pi can be found infinitely throughout nature. From the sun to the eye’s pupil (to pies of both the pastry and pizza varieties), pi is uniquely omnipresent.

The Birth of Pi Day

While pi has been around from the beginning of time and mankind’s quest to understand the power of pi dates back thousands of years, Pi Day is a relatively new idea. In fact, the very first large-scale Pi Day wasn’t held until 1988 at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, where physicist and “Prince of Pi” Larry Shaw originated the idea of a celebration in pi’s honor. Since then, Pi Day has become an international holiday celebrated all over the world. How much so? In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives made National Pi Day official.

What Will You Be Eating this Pi Day?

Sure, you can enter a recitation contest, participate in a pie-throwing competition, or even hire a skywriting plane for a punny take on the expression, “Pie in the sky,” but our tastes lean to something more, well, delicious: pie-eating.

In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to think of two things that go better together than America and pie, making Pi Day the perfect stateside occasion to indulge in this flaky, buttery dessert. And sure, you can pick up a pie at your local grocery store, but we think pi deserves a little more fanfare than that.

Luckily, mail order pies deliver the country’s very best offerings directly to your door. From traditional fruit-filled favorites like apple, blueberry and cherry to tasty twists like German Chocolate, S’mores, Bourbon Ginger Pecan, and even Negroni (inspired by the classic cocktail), there are infinite ways to get your pi on this Pi Day.

Or take the theme to the next level by ordering up a complete pi-themed feast with a hot, cheesy and authentic mail order pizza kicking off your meal.

Pi Day

The choice is up to you. Will it be one big pie or many mini pies?

While the world’s mathematicians may choose to spend the holiday trying to calculate pi to just one more decimal place, we much prefer to spend March 14th digging into just one more slice of pie. Of course, any occasion is right for pie! Shop events today to order up pies and so much more for your next holiday or “just because” gathering.