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Perfect Beach Day Eats

Planning the perfect beach day meal

The kids are headed back to school, fall is on its way, and summer is winding down. Just because the season is almost over doesn’t mean you have to give up on having fun just yet. There’s still time for one last hurrah – one final beach trip! Pack your bags and don’t forget the sunscreen! Here’s what you’ll need for one last beach cookout to round off your perfect summer.

The Essentials

While of course, you’ll need food to fill your bellies and keep you fueled for fun as the day goes on, you can’t forget about those under-the-radar essentials that every beach-goer should have on hand.

  • Sunscreen – You don’t want you or the kids to come home red and burning from an angry sunburn. Choose an SPF of 50 or higher just to be safe.
  • Towels – These might seem like a no-brainer until you’re running up the beach from the surf only to realize that you didn’t bring anything to dry off with. Always bring more than you think you’ll need.
  • Extra clothes – Sure, you probably arrived with clothes on but you definitely won’t want to wear those same sandy clothes back home on a long car ride.
  • First aid kit – Unfortunately, accidents happen. Keep a basic first aid kit on hand to clean up after any falls, burns, or cuts.
  • Ziplock bags – These are great for storing food in but they’re also crucial for keeping your phones dry and your wet clothes from getting everything else soaked.
  • Extra water – Pro tip: before your trip, stick a bunch of water bottles in the freezer. They’ll stay cold all day long and are perfect for cooling you off.
  • Trash bags – You should always leave the beach cleaner than you found it. Don’t count on your kids to walk to the nearest beach trash can. Ensure there’s a place for them to throw their garbage.

The Grub

Chicago style hot dogs

You can’t have a beach cookout without hot dogs! They’re a staple of every cookout you’ve had this summer and just because you’ve changed locales doesn’t mean the food should. These Chicago-style dogs from Irvings for Red Hot Lovers are juicy and unique – plus, they’re handheld for minimal messes. This combo package comes equipped with poppy seed buns and all the fixings for the perfect dog.

BBQ feast

It wouldn’t be a true barbecue without some BBQ ribs, right? These beauties from 17th Street BBQ serve 8-10 but once you get a taste, you might just want to keep them all to yourself. These Memphis-style baby back ribs come with a serving of juicy pulled pork and their famous pit-beans seasoned with pulled pork to add dimension. Just don’t drop your ribs in the sand! (We won’t judge if you brush it off and eat it anyway!)

Fresh Oyster Platter

While you’re staring at the waves crashing in and out on the shore, you won’t be able to resist these fresh Pacific Oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farms. (Bonus points if you’re actually staring at the Pacific Ocean) You’ll receive a dozen of each of their 3 oyster varieties: Kumamoto, Shigoku, and Pacific Extra Small oysters. These handheld delicacies are perfect for eating right out of their half-shells. Plus, you won’t feel guilty if you leave some shells behind on the beach!

You can’t have a proper cookout without an insane finale dish. That’s where the Little Pie Company’s Key Lime Pie comes in. This tart but still sweet pie will have you sighing in delight when you sink your teeth into your first bite. The contrast between the smooth and creamy pie and the crispy, crunchy graham cracker crust. It’s the perfect ending note to a perfect summer day on the beach.

For a beach day to be truly complete, you have to have the menu to accompany it. No worries – we’ve got you covered! These dishes are the perfect beach eats to top off an already perfect day.
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