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Expert Interview with Dianne Jacob on Writing About Food

Writing about food

Dianne Jacob of Dianne Jacob…Will Write for Food knows good food. In fact, she knows it so well, she’s written numerous articles and a couple of books about it. In this interview, Dianne discusses her love of food, what she hopes to accomplish in her own progression as a cook and food writer, and what others can do to make ... Read More »

Must-Eat Dishes in Charleston, SC


Charleston, South Carolina, is known as a foodie paradise, with both old-school eateries and modern restaurants focusing on molecular techniques. Seafood is obviously the main attraction here due to its proximity to the water, but there’s something delicious for every appetite. We’re sharing our picks for the must-eat dishes in Charleston and where to enjoy them. Shrimp and Grits This ... Read More »

Expert Interview with Sanaa Abourezk About Healthy Eating in Everyday Life

Healthy eating

Sanaa Abourezk of Sanaa Cooks wants everyone to know that eating healthy doesn’t need to be difficult. With her website, restaurant, and books, Sanaa lets people know that healthy food can and should be a part of daily life. This can be done by incorporating fresh ingredients into every meal and being more conscientious about what goes in the body. ... Read More »

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