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Expert Interview with the eatPGH team on Where to Eat in Pittsburgh

Where to eat in Pittsburgh

Back in the summer of 2009, foodies and Pittsburgh loyalists Julia Gongaware, Mandy McFadden, Sarah Sudar and Laura Zorch decided to create an outlet to gush about the restaurant renaissance occurring in their fair city. While they didn’t all know one another at the time, they shared two important things: a love of the ‘Burgh and a very strong desire ... Read More »

Meet the Completely Addictive Caramelized Brioche-like Goodness of Waffatopia Belgian Waffles


If you didn’t snag one while strolling the streets of Europe this summer, you can still experience authentic Liege-style Belgian waffles stateside–and get 10% OFF while you’re at it! Our newest partner, Waffatopia, is a serious find. If you’ve enjoyed the crispy-fluffy treats in Europe, you know they’re perfection just the way they are–caramelized and crisp on the outside, semi-sweet, ... Read More »

Expert Interview with Dani Boglivi-Fiori on Becoming a Cookie Connoisseur


Much like the rest of us, Daniele Boglivi-Fiori’s love affair with cookies started (where else?) in childhood. “I am ultimately a real life cookie monster (chocolate chip cookies are my very fave) so my love of cookies started young with Sesame Street, Hydrox instead of Oreo sandwich cookies (my mom was ahead of her time with organic and natural products) ... Read More »

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