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Craving of a Displaced Marylander: The Perfect Crab Cake

Everyone has their favorite food. I love crab cakes. Not just any crab cakes. They’ve gotta be fresh, all jumbo lump, Chesapeake Bay blue crab. For me, that’s heaven on a plate. I grew up in Maryland where sitting around a picnic table with family and friends, cracking and eating steamed crabs, was a summer ritual—with Old Bay Seasoning just ... Read More »

Anderson’s Frozen Custard’s Sweetly Supports Our Troops in Afghanistan!

On a hot August afternoon this year, US Army Captain Inga Wildermuth and her team serving in Afghanistan were the recipients of a very special delivery—the first-ever overseas delivery from Anderson’s Frozen Custard. Anderson’s owner Holly Anderson, who happens to be Inga’s proud mom, was nervous about sending the package. Clearing customs wasn’t the problem. The concern was whether or ... Read More »

Who Are You Calling a Fat Witch?

Quick. Think of a catchy name for a bakery. We’re betting “Fat Witch” isn’t the first term that comes to mind. Interestingly, the phrase has become synonymous with the most spectacular brownies in New York City, which—full disclosure—happen to be available through our site. So how did the bakery get a moniker that includes a word no branding expert in ... Read More »

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