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A NYC Foody Crawl

We love stopping in our partners whenever we can. Recently a couple team members were in NYC and went on a FoodyDirect crawl from Lower East Side to Union Square. Here’s a look at what a few New York partners are up to. (Incidentally, if you’re in NYC, this is a delicious way to sightsee. And you can always order from the comfort of your home for a virtual trip to the Big Apple.)

Black Seed Bagels

black seed bagel sandwich
We started the day with our newest NY partner, Black Seed Bagels in the Lower East Side. Smaller, crustier, and more well-done than many of today’s ubiquitous and uninspired bagels, these addictive beauties combine the best of Montreal and NY-style bagels. They’re exceptionally soft, dense, and have a chewy inside. We were treated to at how they make their bagels–it’s unlike any other bagel shop in the US.


Mile End Deli

A couple blocks away is another creation of Black Seed Bagels proprietor Noah Bernamoff. Mile End Deli, an authentic tribute to Montreal smoked meat, has quickly risen to the top of the NY Deli world, recognized as the Best Deli in New York by both Zagat and New York Magazine. While quite similar to pastrami, Montreal-smoked brisket is dry-cured and smoked, yielding a rounder flavor and slightly leaner cut. Customers line up daily for the house-made brisket, corned beef, turkey, and salami.

Around the corner and up a handful of blocks is the cutest little cheesecake shop you’ll ever see. Even though you could easily miss the tiny storefront, the reputation for classic has tour buses regularly unloading tourists It was fairly quiet when we dropped in to find the mother-daughter team bruleeing a salted caramel cheesecake.

This new creation is to-die-for. And don’t worry–we’ve already started brainstorming how we can ship it to you.

Breads Bakery
Photo Jan 30, 2 30 57 PM
A short subway ride and walk through foodie heaven Union Square Green Market brought us to Breads Bakery.

It’s a bustling bakery with an open kitchen. And the whole place has the vibrancy of a food market in Tel Aviv–the delicious smells too! We were treated to a look at how they make their famous chocolate babka. Check it out below: