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We Are Now Shipping the “Best Ribs in the US”



It’s no small achievement to get recognized by Bon Appétit magazine as the spot for the best ribs in the US–or to be tapped as the“Best BBQ in America” by Travel & Leisure. But our newest partner, 17th Street Barbecue, in Murphyboro, IL, is no stranger to achieving the extraordinary. Its owner, Mike Mills, was the first pitmaster to get top security clearance on Air Force One–all due to his Memphis-style barbecue.

Mike Mills is not just another name in the world of barbecue. He is so influential, his competition team in the early ‘90s is acknowledged as one of the first to use apple wood. Today, his Memphis-style baby backs are slow-smoked over locally grown fruitwood for about six hours after being sprinkled with 17th Street’s “Magic Dust” dry rub. Brushed with two light coats of award-winning spicy barbecue sauce (containing bacon and apples) and another sprinkle of rub 30 minutes before pulling them from the pit, they epitomize why President Clinton had them served curbside for Air Force One.

But you don’t need to have CIA clearance to try his spectacular ‘cue. Now, you can order his BBQ right here on FoodyDirect!