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Why Not Throw a Soiree this Valentine’s Day?

Every year on Valentine’s Day, couples all over the world sit down together to romantic dinners for two. But what about the old adage, “The more the merrier?” Why not buck culinary convention this year by hosting a festive Valentine’s Day event for all of your favorite people? Here’s a closer look at why and how to host a festive Valentine’s Day soiree this February 14th.

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A Celebration of Love

There are many different kinds of love. Perhaps you are lucky enough to be in a thriving romantic relationship with many couples friends. Or maybe you’re in the single-as-a-Pringle camp surrounded by many equally footloose and relationship-free friends. Regardless of your own status, who says you can’t bring all of the loved ones in your life together on the one day out of the year designated for honoring love in all of its many incarnations? Whether you host a couples dinner party or a singles-themed celebration, hosting a party can quickly take February 14th from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dream a Theme

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day parties? From always classic black-tie and cocktails to creative spins like couples costumes, classic movies, game nights, wine and artisanal cheese pairings, chocolate tastings and beyond, the options are almost endless when it comes to choosing a theme.

One of the most important parts of the planning process? Getting the word out and getting it out early. After all, no one likes to be without a plan on Valentine’s Day — so sending out your invitations with enough notice not only ensures that all of your favorite guests will be able to make it but also takes some of the pressure off. Just make sure to include the theme on your invitation so guests arrive dressed to impressed and knowing what to expect from the evening.

Deck the Halls

Okay, so maybe you feel like you just got around to taking down your Christmas decorations, but we’re talking about an entirely different kind of decking the halls. The right decorations can vastly enhance the look and feel of your Valentine’s Day party, so make sure to give them ample consideration.

Go-to holiday colors like red and pink are sweetly nostalgic, while metallic hues like gold and silver add a hint of glamor to any evening. Maintaining this color scheme throughout your event, meanwhile, creates a cohesive and sophisticated feel.

Candles, twinkle-lights, balloons, streamers and photo booths — with props, natch — all add an element of the unforgettable to any bash.

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The right setup can also make or break your party. If an intimate, elegant feel is your endgame, then a seated formal dinner may be the perfect fit, while a buffet with plenty of passed hors d’oeuvres may be more appropriate if your goal is to get guests up and mingling.

Serve Up Foodie Favorites

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We can think of no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year than by spreading the love around a bit. Can’t pull off a party this Valentine’s Day? Consider sharing the love in a different way by sending mail order food gifts to far-flung loved ones, instead. Shop foods, events, and much more at FoodyDirect today.