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Mother’s Day Dinner at Home? With Food by Mail, Yes!

Mother’s Day brunch at a local restaurant or hotel? Been there, done that… and so has pretty much everyone else.

In fact, while brunch, lunch or dinner out may sound wonderful in theory, in reality, it may not feel nearly as special when you factor in that Mother’s Day is the year’s most popular holiday for dining out. Which begs the question: Why not try something deliciously different this year by serving up an unforgettable Mother’s Day feast in one of your absolute favorite places — your own home.

Food by mail

The tastiest “bouquet” she’ll ever receive.

Where Will Everyone Else Be This Mother’s Day?

Just under half of all Americans either dine out (38 percent) or order restaurant takeout (7 percent) every year on Mother’s Day, according to recent statistics from the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Given the current US population of 324.9 million, according to Census.gov, this means somewhere in the range of 146 million people will be flooding local dining establishments come this Sunday, May 14th.

Unfortunately, crowded restaurants often mean long waits, overworked kitchen staff, poor food quality, and underwhelming customer service. The result? A meal that fails to meet diner expectations… and falls far short of delivering the experience the beloved mothers in your life deserve. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Host Your Own Private Party This Mother’s Day

The old adage insists that “home is where the heart is.”  And yet a full half of Americans opt to be elsewhere on the one day of the year designated for honoring the women who make the world go ‘round. There’s one simple reason for this: Preparing a worthy meal often adds up to an overwhelming amount of work — particularly when the task falls on the people (translation: NOT the moms) who may not usually take on the responsibility of preparing holiday meals.

But what if we told you there’s way to avoid the frustration and stress of restaurant dining and still serve your mother an unparalleled, 5-star meal in the comfort of your own home? There is, and more and more people are discovering the tasty twist of food by mail. Not only do companies like FoodyDirect source appetizers, entrees, desserts and food gifts from the country’s very best restaurants, including everything from artisanal chocolates and ice cream to regional specialties, but they deliver them directly to your door.

Says the leading mail order food company’s website, “The FoodyDirect team hails from different corners of the country but we share a common passion: the intense enjoyment of delicious food prepared and served by fabulous restaurants. Food inspires us. We are glued to the Food Network, scour food blogs, constantly try new recipes and spend hours researching which restaurants to visit when traveling new cities. And our most cherished memories are sharing great food adventures and experiences with our close friends and family.”

In other words, FoodyDirect puts as much attention, care, and love into the process of curating its inventory of offerings as your own mother has always devoted to putting consummate cuisine on your table.

One of the best things about ordering from FoodyDirect? While restaurant experiences are inherently generic, gourmet mail order food offers the rare opportunity to fete her with all of her favorites this Mother’s Day. From melt-in-your-mouth steak and luscious lobster to cookies, cakes, cupcakes and cannolis, there’s no end to the ways you can show your love, affection, and attention through mail order food gifts.

Not sure where to start? We don’t blame you. With so many options to choose from, the selection process can be immobilizing.  So why not take it from Oprah? Because really — can you ever go wrong with indulgences like Fresh Maine Lobster Pot Pies, Cream Scones from cult craze Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery, and Chocolate Rugelach?

Food by mail

Oprah loves this lobster pie, and so will your mom.

 Can’t Be With Mom This Mother’s Day?

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to be with the ones we love on special occasions like Mother’s Day. But thanks to FoodyDirect, you can still treat Mom to an amazing meal or food gift from far away.

Both the Today Show and KTLA have included FoodyDirect on features about Mother’s Day gifts, with the former raving, “You’re not going to believe this. It’s all from FoodyDirect.com. They are a curator where they bring together some of the most iconic foods from famous chefs and restaurants, artisans and bakeries from all over the country – so it will go straight to Mom’s door,” and the latter enthusing, “And speaking of delicious, get Mom out of the kitchen while FoodyDirect takes care of all of her favorite sweet treats and has everything delivered to her front door.”

Not to mention — while absence may indeed make the heart grow fonder, so does a really thoughtful, unexpected, and personalized gift.

Food by mail

FoodyDirect puts the “can” in homemade cannolis.

Let’s face it: You may never be as adept or accomplished in the kitchen as your mom. But with FoodyDirect, you don’t have to be. Show her how much you appreciate everything she’s done — and every meal she’s cooked — for you by returning the favor with an exquisite meal of your own this Mother’s Day. Start planning your menu today by shopping foods, gifts and everything else you need to celebrate all of the magnificent moms in your life.