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Make the Perfect Play by Adding Duff’s Famous Wings to Your March Madness Menu

The average American consumes 90 chicken wings a year, according to Spoon University. Multiplied across the country’s total population — roughly 325,650,525, as of last count — that comes to somewhere in the range of 29,308,547,250 chicken wings eaten annually. In other words, a lot.

But all chicken wings aren’t created equal, and one name routinely rises to the top when it comes to truly choice chicken wings. We’re talking about Duff’s Famous Wings, a New York institution which helped put Buffalo on the map. Here’s a closer look at this Buffalo behemoth, along with how you can get your hands on some this NCAA Sweet 16 season.

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Ain’t no thing like a chicken wing.

From Humble to Red-Hot

Duff’s history dates all the way back to 1946 when Louise Duffney opened a corner gin mill just north of Buffalo in Amherst, New York. By 1969, it added chicken wings to the menu, and history was made. Soon after, sales of chicken wing spiked to 20 pounds a week, and Duff’s reputation spiked along with sales.

By 1985, Duff’s claimed official superstar status by adding the “famous” to its name, and Duff’s Famous Wings was born. Today, it still operates in its original location along with additional restaurants all serving Louise’s authentic wings to throngs of adoring eaters.

Putting Buffalo on the Map

Paris. Tokyo. Barcelona. New York. Naples. Buffalo? While Buffalo may not come to mind when you think of great food cities, but a case can be made for its inclusion on the list.

Insists the New York Times,

“Buffalo and upstate New York are actually unsung food destinations with their own approach to cuisine in an age when locavore can mean New American food served with a few herbs grown in a nearby garden. You can even make the case that there may not be another region in the country quite like it when it comes to unique local dishes spanning generations.”

Roadfood.com founder Michael Stern added his enthusiasm for the city’s epicurean offerings, telling the New York Times,

“Buffalo, without a doubt, I think, is one of the great eating cities. “When you think of gastronomic meccas in the country, you don’t think of upstate New York. But, in fact, it has so much to offer.”

One of the foods that put Buffalo on the map? Buffalo wings, with Duff’s lauded as one of the city’s “iconic wing joints.” Argued Stern,

“Wings have the distinction of being probably the once most local to absolutely, utterly, more universal than any local dish has ever become.”

Just how powerful is the call — er, cluck — of a Duff’s Famous Buffalo Wing? President Obama himself chose to dine during a visit in 2010.

Which begs the question: How does a great leader of the modern world like his wings? According to the Wall Street Journal,

“Obama ordered his chicken wings medium, but was persuaded by the regulars to get them extra spicy. He compromised: half medium, half extra spicy.”

Wings, Your Way

We’ve already established that Buffalo wings aren’t all created equal — not even Duff’s Famous Wings, as it turns out. But they are each equally amazing in their own way.

No discussion of Duff’s Famous Wings is complete without mention of its classic, sauce-drenched Famous Buffalo Wings in the diner’s choice of mild, medium or hot flavors.

Duff’s Famous BBQ Wings, meanwhile, offer BBQ enthusiasts a sweet, tangy take on this beloved grub.

The latest addition to the Duff’s Famous Wings roundup? Duff’s new Char-BQ Wings, which takes deep fried drums and flats, then coats them in a proprietary “Char-BQ” sauce and grills them to reach unprecedented levels of flavor and texture.

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Try the Char-BQ for next-level wing deliciousness.

What do these all of these phenomenal Duff’s Famous Wings offerings have in common — besides being incredibly delicious? They’re available for delivery straight to your door thanks to gourmet food delivery company FoodyDirect.

While any time of year is ripe for finger-licking, chicken wing-eating fun, March Madness is the perfect occasion for noshing on these scrumptious snackers. If you’re hosting a party, meanwhile, we can think of no better way to serve up a crowd-pleasing meal without spending the entire game slaving away in the kitchen. Shop foods, including Duff’s Famous Wings, perfect for your March Madness menu today.