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Luke’s Lobster’s Guide to an Epic Crab Claw Fest + a Special Deal!

As summer draws to a close, it’s time for one last hurrah. To celebrate a delicious season, we’re shipping you everything you need for a last crab claw fest for $10 off the original price! Enter coupon code CRABCLAW10 at checkout to score the deal! Luke’s Lobster‘s succulent, fresh crab claws from Maine’s pristine waters are best enjoyed simply with the accompanying cocktail sauce or butter and a squeeze of lemon. They come steamed and ready to eat—all you have to do is lay down the included butcher paper and get crackin’.
We tapped the experts at Luke’s Lobster for their tips on throwing the ultimate crab claw fest, an annual tradition for the seafood purveyor. Here’s everything you need, according to the pros.
How to Throw a Crab Claw Fest – Featuring Luke Holden and the Luke’s Lobster Team
1. Grab some friends, grab some claws and head to the park, your backyard, terrace – you name it!
2. Position your Luke’s hammer above the claw and hit the claw with one swift blow. (If you miss, try again!)
3. The claw shell should crack allowing you to cleanly separate it from the meat.
4. Dip in melted butter or cocktail sauce. Or both (we don’t judge).
5. Don’t all dip at once!
6. Open wide! Enjoy. Repeat.
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