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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Along with the new year comes the inevitable new year’s resolutions. However, statistics have shown that only 9.2% of people actually reach their goal. How about we change that? We’ve gathered some FoodyDirect picks that will help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions!


Generally eating healthier is a very popular resolution and a challenge many people embark on each year. Eating vegan is one way of doing that! The transition can be difficult and it’s important to find good substitutes for the foods you can no longer eat like meats and cheeses. Depending on how serious you are about your veganism, you might be cutting bread out of your diet, too. No worries! Free Bread Gluten-Free Bakery’s Vegan Moxy Loaf Gluten-Free Bread is the perfect substitute. It’s got all the flavor of their signature Moxy Loaf, without the eggs!
Vegan Bread


Many who suffer from Celiac Disease have to cut gluten out of their diet because their bodies simply won’t allow it. However, choosing to cut gluten from your diet can also have a lot of other health benefits. If you do decide to get rid of gluten, it can feel difficult to enjoy the foods you used to. That’s where S’MAC’s Gluten Free Mac and Cheese comes in. Their noodles are made from brown rice elbow macaroni, béchamel without wheat flour, and breadcrumbs made from cornflakes. This tasty alternative will make you forget there isn’t gluten present.

Organic Eating

Organic Ice Cream

Eating fresh and organic ingredients isn’t always easy when all of the tasty junk food is made from preservatives and additives. Luckily for you, FoodyDirect has some pretty outstanding “junk food” that is made with only the tastiest organic ingredients – particularly Blue Marble Ice Cream’s Organic Ice Cream Variety Pack. Blue Marble uses only grass-fed, organic cream and other carefully selected, 100% organic ingredients to make their pure, “elemental” ice cream. This way, you can pig out without breaking your resolution and compromising your organic eating habits.


Maybe not as common of a goal as eating healthy or losing weight, maintaining your mental health is equally as important. This year, strive for joy! Snag yourself a dozen of these delectable Blue Velvet Cupcakes from Carousel Cakes. The luscious blue color looks amazing and tastes even better. Treat yourself to a little burst of happiness and fulfill your resolution at the same time.

blue velvet cupcakes
Don’t let food availability get in the way of your new year’s resolutions. FoodyDirect has what you need to stay on track for a happy and healthy 2018. Check out some more of our delicious dishes here.