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Just in time for National Pasta Day – Freshly Made Old-World Pasta and Sauces


We’re thinking there’s no better way to celebrate National Pasta Day (this Friday, October 17) than with an authentic taste of Italy delivered to your door! Whether you need a great host gift or want to enjoy fresh, handmade pastas and sauces rich with flavor and a century of tradition without having to make it all yourself, our partner Raffetto’s delivers. Literally.

Since it opened in 1906 in Greenwich Village, Raffetto’s has, as the New York Times put it, “been about pasta.” It started by offering freshly made egg noodles, Genoa-style meat and spinach ravioli. Over the century, flavors and sauces have expanded, but the fundamentals remain, thanks to dedicated family members who keep the delicious Old World traditions alive.

All of Raffetto’s expansive pasta flavors taste homemade because they follow the principles that have guided the company since 1906: use the best quality ingredients to make the best quality pasta.

Even more exciting, you can pick and try exactly what you want from this classic NYC spot right here on FoodyDirect. Just select the type of noodle you want and get it cut from long sheets of fresh pasta to your desired width on the manual pasta-cutting machine Raffetto’s has used since 1916. Or try their ravioli and fresh pasta sauces. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed authentic Italian perfection with every bite.

Check out Raffetto’s offerings now!