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Introducing “Whole Hog” Carolina Barbecue


While most pulled pork comes from the shoulder, our newest partner, Carolina Cue To-Go, takes the juicy, lip-smacking delicacy to gourmet heights, smoking whole hogs from small local North Carolina farms to make noticeably more tender and more flavorful barbecue.

Owner Elizabeth Karmel, an accomplished grilling, barbecue and pastry chef, does it this way because combining Eastern-style whole hog seasoned with her signature Western-style Red Vinegar Sauce (a perfect balance of sugar, pepper, and tang thanks to pure apple cider vinegar), is her favorite way to prepare her native pulled pork.

She and her team first rub the pork with salt and pepper, then smoke it for 12 hours over indigenous hickory wood, and hand-pull and chop it while it’s still hot. They finish it with a generous splash of Elizabeth’s signature house-made Lexington-style Vinegar Sauce to create an experience so juicy and flavorful that even legendary food editor/author Ruth Reichl lusts after it.

Carolina To-Go’s pulled pork sandwich kits (with all the fixin’s) you’ll find here are not only as good as it gets. The prices are unbeatable too, because Elizabeth refuses to charge a premium for her ultra-rich ‘cue.

We highly recommend you try this totally addicting, juicy, and tender Carolina-style pulled pork or send it as a gift to any barbecue lover.