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Introducing Pulaski Meats and the Most Awesome Pork EVER


The only thing more seductive than the smell of pork is the taste of pork, especially good pork. It’s the reason there are bacon mail-order clubs and bacon, well, everything, and ham is the choice for Christmas tables around the country. But not all pork is created equal. You need only enjoy a single bite of the astoundingly good pork offerings from our newest partner, Pulaski Meats, to understand this truth.

Founded on Old World butchering practices by young, newly emigrated European couple—Master Butcher Alfred and his wife Else—in 1963, Pulaski’s is an old-fashioned European meat market located in Linden, New Jersey. They infuse all the traditions, values, and Old World recipes into all of their smoked meats to create exceptional bacons, kielbasas, hams and many more lip-smacking specialties.

Pulaski’s authentic Eastern European-style Kielbasa, bacon and hams are carefully prepared by hand by experienced butchers who emigrated from Europe and brought generations of butchering experience along with them.


Kielbasa, a house specialty offered in a variety of styles, is made daily and beautifully showcases the time-honored flavor of the specialty smoked sausage.

Smoked and baked hams and bacon take on heavenly juicy flavor when hand-trimmed and seasoned by Pulaski’s pros.

Regardless of the preparation, their meats are wonderfully lean, never over-salted, and always fresh, never frozen. They’re also MSG-free and gluten-free.

If you want to experience pork at its finest, serve special ham for the holidays, or send a delicious pork gift, check out Pulaski Meats now.