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Introducing Luke’s Lobster, Fresh From Maine!


One of the inspirations for founding FoodyDirect was the frustration we experienced when trying to determine which of the mail-order lobster companies we should order from. With dozens of options, how could we know who would deliver the freshest and best lobster, offer shipping that would ensure health and safety, and provide the best customer service? We couldn’t. So we created a company that vetted everything for you, starting with top-quality food.


With the introduction of our newest partner Luke’s Lobster, we come full circle with our inspiration, and offer you traditional Maine lobster done right. Founded in NYC by the son of a Maine lobsterman, Luke’s offers nothing but the best, freshest, sustainably sourced claws and tails, all of which are sourced from the same Maine fishermen owner Luke Holden established relationships with while growing up in Maine and running his own lobster company in high school.


To deliver you the best, each morning lobstermen haul traps from the open seas and transport them directly to Luke’s seafood company. Claws are they’re steamed, packed in protective bags, and sent to Luke’s Lobster, resulting in deliciously fresh lobster that allows you to truly taste Maine at its best. Its award-winning chowder, which comes with a side of lobster tails, hails from Hurricane’s Premium Soup and Chowder, a family-run business from Greene, Maine.

When you’re looking for an authentic taste of Maine seafood, we’re proud to recommend you order from Luke’s.