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Introducing Jack Stack BBQ and Their Famous “Burnt Ends”


You know those little bits of charred meat that turn up on the ends of barbecue–the ones that taste so good and crisp that you’d eat a ton of them if you could? Well, Jack Stack BBQ does too. In fact, they know them so well, they turned them into a greatly beloved and famous specialty on their legendary barbecue menu.

Our latest partner, Jack Stack doesn’t just represent quality Kansas City barbecue. They own the category, crafting slow-smoked meats so spectacular they’ve been served at the famous James Beard House, featured in The New York Times, London Times, and practically every other media that matters and repeatedly deemed the “best in the country” by Zagat.

But they aren’t newcomers to the scene. Founded in 1957 as Smokestack BBQ, this family-owned Kansas City landmark was famous by the 1970s for its gourmet meats cooked over Ozark hickory wood. Three generations later, it’s still the stuff of barbecue legend, celebrated by everyone from the Today Show to Bon Appétit for its mouthwatering Kansas City barbecue including BBQ ribs, brisket, those iconic “Burnt Ends” (double-smoked meats with seared edges) and spectacular sides.

If you want to taste the pinnacle of Kansas City barbecue, you absolutely must try Jack Stack BBQ.