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How to Throw a Glamorous Award Show Party


With award show season on the horizon, (The Golden Globes are this weekend, The Grammys are January 28th, and the Oscars are coming up in March) you’re definitely going to watch at least one. Who are we kidding? We know we’ll be watching every single one to see the best celeb gowns, guess who will fall down accepting their award, and learn what movies we should have seen in the past year.

The best way to enjoy award show season is from the comfort of your own home, so why not invite your other award show-loving pals over and appreciate it all together! Here are some tips for putting together the most star-studded award show party:

1. Attire

There are only two options here: complete glamour or complete laziness. You should either have your guests come dressed in their fanciest dresses and suits or they should come in their finest robes and PJ’s.

2. Decor

All of the awards that these celebrities will be receiving throughout the show are always gold. Gold is the color of victory, right? So, stick to all things gold with your decorations. Make sure you have a DIY photo booth with a glitzy backdrop and appropriate props (Try DIY awards!). A photo booth is a great way to commemorate the night and document your amazing outfits.

3. Drinks

While most of these award shows are on Sunday nights, you can still enjoy a cocktail or two while you watch the stars stroll the red carpet. One of the most classic choices? Champagne, of course! It’s what the celebs will be sipping at the afterparty once they’ve received their awards.

If you’d rather opt for something more unique, try one of these interesting cocktails that you can make yourself. We recommend the Golden Statue as it applies to all the award shows!

4. Grub

The celebrities probably won’t be eating much before the award shows to fit into their beautiful tuxedos and gowns. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t chow down!

Kick off the evening with a glamorous spin on takeout food with these Lobster Lo Mein appetizers. Pre-dinner dessert? Don’t mind if we do! If you’ve opted for fancy dress, might we recommend a real black and white treat: these stellar Black & White Cookies from Donut Pub. At the intersection of boozy and sweet, you’ll find this Chocolate Fondente Sorbetto with Dark Rum. The luxurious dark chocolate is enough to make you feel like you deserve an award. Whatever you choose, we guarantee your guests will feel like they’re at an award show dinner themselves!

Black and White Cookies

The grand finale? An Oprah-approved cake worthy of an award itself. The Memphis Drizzle Cake is to DIE for. Drizzled with a golden peanut butter sauce, this cake is the perfect end to an award show evening.

Memphis Drizzle Cake

With all of these ingredients, you’re bound to have a glamorous party fit for Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Meryl Streep. We hope these award show party tips help you throw a star-studded evening. Which celeb would you invite to your award show party? No matter who you choose, we bet they’ll be impressed with your FoodyDirect selections!