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How to Have Your Own Hot Dog Contest at Home

Dozens of people convene every year in Coney Island on Independence Day for one reason, and it’s not the one you’re expecting. Sure, parades and fireworks are fun and everything, but for many people, it’s all about the hot dogs. The annual Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest draws millions of onlookers, all clamoring to get a look at professional eaters going to town for the title of top (hot) dog. Last year’s victor? Joey Chestnut with a jaw-dropping, stomach-filling 70 hot dogs.

Isn’t it time your grill stopped gathering dust and got all fired up?

But you don’t have to brave the crowds at Coney Island to get in on all the edible action. Instead, why not host a hot dog-themed bash of your own this summer?

Giving the Dog Its Due

Hot dogs are a tried and true American favorite. Perhaps Yahoo! Style put it best in declaring, “Like blue jeans and crisp white shirts, beer and doughnuts, hot dogs are simply never going to go out of style. And with baseball season upon us in full, all-American force, we’re calling it a good time to be dog-sessive.”

Indeed, we can think of no better time to embrace all that hot dogs have to offer. And neither could the powers that be, who not only gave hot dogs their very own day with the observation of National Hot Dog Day on July 23rd but also designated an entire month in honor of these meaty marvels. In other words, you’ don’t just have one, but 31 great reasons to throw a hot dog-themed bash this July.

Host a Hot Dog Shindig

Let’s face it: while hot dogs reign supreme, they aren’t often the stars of the grill. This isn’t for lack of deliciousness, however. The reality is that they’re so easy to make that they’re also easy to take for granted — a culinary crime when you ruminate on their plump, juicy goodness. By hosting a frankfurter fete of your own, however, you can give hot dogs a true chance to shine.

The first step? Skip the usual grocery store fodder and stock up on real-deal dogs from gourmet mail order food company FoodyDirect. From purist-pleasing offerings from Levis Hot Dogs, Pulaski Meats and Sahlen’s to scrumptious spins on the classic, such as sausages, brats, and kielbasa, there’s a near-endless assortment of wonderful wieners from which to choose. And it couldn’t be easier, either: Just browse, click, and checkout — and your party picks will be delivered direct to your door.

Next, round up all your friends, keeping in mind that summer is all about simplicity. Email, evites or even a text are the perfect way to assemble your squad.

And while eating is entertainment enough on its own when you’re with your crew, there are many ways to add to the fun by introducing an element or two of interactivity. We’d suggest leaving the hot dog eating contests to the pros, but encouraging guests to build their own dogs by providing a smorgasbord of conventional condiments as well as artisanal condiments and dips, relishes and spreads. (Make it even easier on yourself by going with Jake’s Handcrafted’s “globally inspired” sausages and accompanying toppings, including creamy Banana Mustard and tangy “No-Nonsense” Peanut Sauce.)  Then, have guests vote on their favorites — from most creative to all-around tastiest.

There’s hot dogs, and then there’s Jake’s Handcrafted.

But you don’t have to throw a big bash to share in the hot dog revelry. Even a backyard barbecue for your nearest and dearest is a great way to get in on the fun this Fourth of July. So why not take your next hot dog from humble to haute with a little help from FoodyDirect?  Shop foods,  gifts, events and everything else you need to make this summer an unforgettable epicurean adventure.