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Homegating: 2016’s Hottest Trend

Super Bowl 50 is quickly approaching, and hundreds of millions of football lovers across America will be tuning in to see which team will walk away with the brand new bling. For many of those fans, however, the game is only a small part of the allure. For others? It’s all about the party.

If you’re still deciding how to take in the biggest game of the year this February, “homegating” may be just the ticket. Considered one of 2016’s hottest trends, this versatile take on tailgating is scoring touchdowns with fans country-wide.


Tamales add a tasty twist to traditional tailgating.

About Homegating

Sure, you’ve heard of tailgating, but homegating may not yet have entered your vocabulary. Don’t worry: it will. In simplest terms, homegating is just hosting a sporting party at home with plenty of food, drinks and fun.

Why is homegating coming on so strong? For starters, there’s the “comfort of home” element. Heading to the arena with thousands of your closest friends; forking over the equivalent of your mortgage payment for a ticket; planning, prepping, and getting set up in a parking lot; and freezing your tail off (maybe that’s how tailgating got its name?) has its charms, and it could be argued that you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a true tailgate party, but it could also be argued that one time is exactly enough when you consider the much more comfortable alternative of homegating.


Cheesesteaks, homegating-style.

Homegating lets you bypass the arduous prep work, hassles and crowds — unless you invite them, that is — and go straight to the party. It’s no surprise that even the most fanatical football fans are getting in on the homegate action.

Pulling off the Perfect Homegate Party

All of this is not to say homegating involves no planning. In fact, there are a few things which must be factored in if you’re looking to host an event that people are still talking about next year. First and foremost? The food. The words “Super Bowl” and “mouthwatering munchies” go together like chicken wings and Buffalo sauce — in other words, perfectly.

If saving time is on your playlist, then you can’t go wrong with mail order foods. Whether you light up the grill or turn up the broiler, amazing barbecued meats like sausages, hot dogs, sliders and ribs; Buffalo wings, chili, subs, and deep dish pizza are just a few of the feast-worthy foods which can be ordered up and delivered to your door. The best part? Ordering up your Super Bowl chow means hosts and hostesses may actually get to spend time watching the game this year.


What’s a Super Bowl bash without meat, meat and more meat?

Once the food and booze are covered, it’s time to move on to the decor. While you don’t need an entire media room for hosting homegating parties, you do need ample space and seating to graciously accommodate all of your guests. A big-screen television with a good sound system is also an essential. Investing in wireless, portable Bluetooth speakers means guests won’t have to miss even a minute of the game when popping back into the kitchen to grab another beer or tamale.

Don’t feel like putting on your parka, packing up the car, and heading out into parking lot mayhem? Homegating offers a scrumptious solution. No matter who wins the game, your guests will have something to celebrate: a party of epic proportions. Shop foods today to start planning an unforgettable homegating party of your own.