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Healthy Thank-You Gifts for Noshing in 2015

If you’ve still got thank-you gifts to send to holiday hosts, allow us to introduce you to delicious, health-minded ways to show your appreciation that don’t conflict with New Year’s resolutions!


Equator Coffee
This is the stuff famed French Laundry chef Thomas Keller serves at his restaurants. True liquid gold, it’s small-batch, hand-roasted, and sustainably produced. But more than that, it’s got incredible flavor and a uniquely perky lift to it.
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Grandma’s Chicken Soup
Flu season is here, and so is the quick, delicious savior Bostonians and other savvy shoppers have turned to for years–chicken soup prepared the old fashioned way and delivered to your doorstep. Made with quality chicken and veggies simmered to perfection and available with rice, noodles, or matzo balls, it’s the perfect way to show you care.
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Straight from the historic cherry shack that Martha Stewart adores come a variety of delicious, healthy, and beautifully packaged snacks. Guilt-free and gorgeous, the gifts from Olson’s Cherries are the epitome of good taste.
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