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Gourmet Gifts for Grads: Popular College Town Eats

Grad party season is right around the corner! If you have a a graduate leaving home for college in the fall, a fun way to add a personal touch to gifts or festivities is feature the iconic food of their college town. With regional treats from all over the country, it’s easy to find a dish to represent their next adventure, such as these iconic eats from popular college destinations.

Nothing tastes like California like fresh seafood, which also happens to be great summer entertaining fodder.

Anyone heading seaside will appreciate stone crabs from Santa Barbara’s sustainable fishery, offering succulent fresh crab claws all year round.

Those heading to Northern California should get to know the regional specialty, Cioppino, which was invented in San Francisco and perfected at Phil’s Fish Market in Moss Landing, just south of SF.

Boston and Northeast
With more than 100 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area, chances are you know a grad heading to the land of clam chowder and lobster feeds.

Turner's Seafood Clambake for Two on foodydirect
Hosting a party? Why not turn it into a New England style clam bake with Turner’s Seafood Grill?

chowder close
Or send a smart foodie a gallon of iconic New England Clam Chowder. 

From Cincinnati’s trademark chili to Chicago deep-dish pizza to Michigan’s famous fruit pies. the Midwest is bursting with regional flavor.

Hot Dog Wide
Ohio’s cheese-drenched Skyline Chili and Irving’s Chicago Red Hots are especially reminiscent of college tailgates and late-night dorm food…

While pizza lovers will be opened up to whole new worlds through Chicago’s famous deep-dish and Detroit’s award-winning riff on the tradition.

Combo Pack 2

If you’ve got a grad heading south, it’s only fitting to give them a primer on what the south does best: Barbecue. 

Central Babybacks
From Central BBQ’s Memphis-style ribs to Texas’s iconic brisket, these dishes not only feed a crowd but represent the best of BBQ, which isn’t so much a cuisine as it is a culture.


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