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Gifts to Cheer Up Your Busy College Student During Finals Week

emoji oreo cookies

Do you remember the struggle of finals week? Whether it was in college or in high school, you can probably recall the stress of taking those exams, knowing that the fate of your final grade rested on a single test. If you know a college student, you can sympathize with the stress they’re probably feeling currently! Give them a little treat in the middle of their finals week with a care package sent directly from some of the best restaurants and bakeries in the country.

College Cookies

Give your college student a taste of the happier times when they weren’t weighed down by stress. Remind them of their school’s colors with Baked in Color’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Gift Tin. They come in the school colors of your choice! Surprise your student with something sweet that will take their mind off of their studies.

A Morning Jumpstart

Finals week usually involves a rigorous schedule of studying and test-taking. It can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning when that’s all there is to look forward to. Boost your student’s mood with a morning surprise of coffee and bagels from Baz Bagel. Send it at the beginning of the week or at the end for a pick me up.

Late Night Snacks

Finals week is all about all night study sessions. It can be hard to remember to take care of important functions like eating. Send them a box of Emoji Oreos from Veronica’s Treats. Perhaps the emojis will remind them that there are emotions other than panic.

A Real Meal

Like we said earlier, when you’re in the depths of a study session, it can be hard to remember to eat an actual meal. Deliver directly to their doorstep a full and delicious meal that will rejuvenate them for another week of finals – BBQ ribs from The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint. These aren’t just any ribs, they come from the World Grand Champions of Memphis!

Your poor college student is probably already stressed out just thinking about their finals. Give them a reason to smile with a FoodyDirect delivery right to their front door.

What FoodyDirect dish would cheer you up the most in the middle of a busy week?