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From Christmas Morning to New Year’s Day: Breakfasts That Delight

Holiday dinners often get all the attention, but whose holiday memories don’t involve a morning meal or two? Whether it’s festive sweets on an excited Christmas morning or leisurely sustenance following New Year’s Eve revelry, doesn’t breakfast deserve some attention this year? Let’s take a closer look at a few delicious ways to kick off the festive days between Christmas and New Year’s.


A holiday feast without the fuss.

Continuing Old Traditions and Starting New Ones

Perhaps every Christmas morning of your childhood began with your grandmother’s famous cinnamon rolls which baked while you were frantically opening your Christmas presents. Or maybe your mother always put out a buffet spread fit for royalty?

While you may not have realized it then, these festive holiday meals didn’t magically appear. Rather, they were planned and prepared with love and affection for their recipients. Unfortunately, stress and late nights might also have been part of the deal. After all, preparing for the holidays includes a near-endless stream of tasks and chores, and planning a memorable breakfast is just one more thing to add to the list.

In an effort to take back the holidays without sacrificing any of the flavor, many people are turning to gourmet mail order food. Not only does doing so lighten the load, but it also frees up hosts and hostesses to participate — and truly enjoy — the festivities from beginning to end.

Consider the mail order offerings of New York favorite Ceci-Cela Patisserie. Declared to be “impossibly delicious” by New York Magazine, and home to legendary croissants deemed by Serious Eats to be New York’s best, Ceci-Cela Patisserie is certain to deliver up a holiday breakfast worth remembering…and repeating.

Whether you order pain au chocolat, a muffin pack, single serving quiches, or a breakfast basket, these treats are a sweet start to any day.

But that’s not all. FoodyDirect offers a comprehensive selection of breakfast items, from single items to full-on spreads — the perfect way to make Christmas morning feel like, well, Christmas morning!

And mail order food gifts also go a lot further than Christmas morning — particularly if you’ve got a houseful of guests. Feed them in style without spending seven straight days in the kitchen with a little help from gourmet food delivery.

Playing the role of guest not host this holiday season? Here’s a tip: mail order food gifts like the Mah-Ze-Dahr Hostess Variety Pack are guaranteed to please.

A Different Kind of Holiday Sustenance

While food is an important part of holiday celebrations, another comestible takes center stage for many as the most essential part of powering through these busy days. You guessed it. Coffee.

But not just any coffee will do. While a trip to the local coffee shop can be expensive and time-consuming, you can now brew up some of the country’s best high-quality, natural and artisanal coffee blends and espressos from the comfort of your own home thanks to mail order coffee.


Coffee shop-quality coffee in the comfort of home.

With the holidays on the horizon you’ve likely got your dinner plans set, but if breakfast is still up in the air, step away from the boxed cereal and frozen waffles this year and opt for something fit for seven (or more!) days of celebrating instead. Shop FoodyDirect’s extraordinary assortment of foods and gifts to make your seasonal selections today.