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Four Ways to Enjoy Leftover Mail Order Pies

While there’s nothing like digging into a slice of leftover pie the morning after a holiday, there are also plenty of other ways to serve up your leftover sweets. Let’s count down a few of our favorite ways to enjoy post-holiday pie…if you’re lucky enough to have some, that is.

Mail order pies

The one problem with leftovers? You can’t count on them — particularly when they’re as tasty as Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company.

1. Have a Pie Party

This one’s a no-brainer. All over the country, half-eaten pies are dotting countertops and filling up fridges. Why not invite over all of your friends — and their leftover pieces of pie — to finish them off? Everyone will have fun sampling the many different flavors…not to mention one more chance to gather and celebrate the season.

Pie-lovers, need not worry about sharing their dwindling pie supply. Mail order pies put the country’s most amazing baked goods just a click and a UPS truck away.

2. Get Cooking

Whether you’re a master baker or prone to starting fires simply by turning on the oven, leftover pies are an ingenious shortcut for plenty of other sweet treats. Leftover Pie Parfait, Leftover Apple Pie Cinnamon Buns, or Pumpkin Pie Creme Brulee anyone? Or what about Leftover Pie Brownies?

But be sure to skip the store-bought supermarket pie and opt for the real deal instead. After all, the finest ingredients are essential to the best baking results, so make sure you’re starting with high-quality to ensure that the pies will taste good the second time around.

3. Spread Post-Holiday Cheer

Many people are dealing with the post-holiday letdown during this time of year — particularly seniors who may be missing recently departed Christmas and New Year’s visitors. Schedule a time to drop by for coffee, pie and companionship. Your neighbor will enjoy the indulgence…not to mention your company.

4. Experiment with Pie Pairings

The holidays may have come and gone in a red and green blur, but the lull between Christmas and New Year’s offers the opportunity to experience things you might have rushed through or skipped out on entirely. One way to truly give into the decadence of pie? Pair it with the perfect wine.

Wine Enthusiast has compiled a handy pie pairing resource to get you started. From pecan bourbon pie with a fruity Zinfandel dessert wine to apple pie with an exotic
Gew├╝rztraminer, this fun activity is an unexpected way to further enhance the flavor of your leftover holiday pie. (If you’re feeling ambitious, combine this one with #1 on this list for an unforgettable pie-wine pairing party.)

Mail order pies

No leftovers? No problem. Order up a mini pie sampler for easy pie pairing fun.

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your favorite flavors from the season. Whether you’re a purist who simply wants to grab a fork and eat straight from the pie plate or you’re looking for a tasty twist on enjoying everyone’s favorite all-American dessert this year, this list has you leftover pie covered. Still making your holiday pie picks or planning to start 2016 off in sweet style? Shop FoodyDirect’s mouthwatering selection of gourmet pieces and so much more today.