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Four Tips for Serving Up Serious Romance This Valentine’s Day

If you’ve ever eaten at a fine restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you may have found it to be the opposite of romantic. Aside from the fact that even getting a reservation can be a Herculean feat, you also have crowds, higher prices, and a complete and total lack of originality working against you.

Luckily, there are many things you can do besides dining out to make this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration truly special. Read on for four tips for your best, most romantic Valentine’s Day yet.

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1. Think Outside the Box

Flowers, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, stuffed animals, and jewelry may be conventional Valentine’s Day gifts, but who says you have to stay within these parameters? The truth is that extraordinary relationships call for extraordinary expressions of love, respect, and admiration.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Variety is the spice of life.” It can also be the spice of your relationship. Conversely, staleness caused by lack of creativity can be the kiss of death. Rather than allowing your romance to stall by sticking with the same tired, traditional tokens of love, why not take a risk this year and try something new?

“Netflix and chill” may be standard operating procedures for any normal night, but if you’re really looking to raise your game this Valentine’s Day, embracing a new adventure together can heighten the fun while bringing you closer together. The best part? From ice skating dates to a couples massages, there are near-endless new things to discover a deux.

2. Make it Personal

Which brings us to our next point: We are living in an era in which individuality reigns supreme. In other words, the way to someone’s heart is not necessarily the way to someone else’s. The best way to avoid this pitfall? When selecting gifts, always keep the recipient’s preferences at the forefront.

Consider food gifts. The old adage goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” While this may be true, the topic is infinitely more complex than this. Why? An individual’s unique backgrounds, experiences, and tastes directly inform his/her appetites. So while a steaming hot bowl of chicken soup may be chock-full of significance (and sustenance) for one dinner, a gourmet surf and turf dinner featuring luscious lobster and melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon may be the ideal romantic dinner for someone else.

Ultimately, choosing the right meal can mean the difference between fizzle and fantastic — and the most important part of that equation is the person eating it. The takeaway? The heart may indeed “want what it wants,” but so does the stomach.

3. Focus on from the Heart

We’ve established that keeping the recipient at the center of your gift-choosing process is critical. Also vital for Valentine’s Day gift-giving? Demonstrating just how much they mean to you by putting meaningful thought into your celebration. Sharing a meal together at a restaurant is nice, but it’s also ordinary. Cooking a meal for your beloved, however, is truly an above-and-beyond gesture.

Gourmet food delivery

Nothing says “love” like lobster and steak.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a gourmet chef, however. In fact, it’s possible to serve a consummate meal from one of the country’s very best restaurants without stepping foot in the grocery store. We’re talking about gourmet food delivery — the best thing to happen to romance since Barry White. Your significant other will be enamored of your initiative, while you’ll fall in love with just how easy it is.

4. Set the Scene

However, you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, creating an amorous environment can enhance feelings of connectedness. Candles, a beautifully lit table, signature cocktail, and customized menu are all elegant elements.

The right food can also magnify the mood, with one in particular sure to satisfy. We’re talking about the ultimate aphrodisiac: chocolate. There’s a reason why this rich, creamy confection has been dubbed the “food of the gods.” For the full erotic effect, steer clear of the grocery store aisles and instead seek out artisanal and other unexpected chocolate offerings — the consummate conclusion to any Valentine’s Day feast.

Want to kick your meal off in similarly seductive style? You can’t go wrong with caviar, which has long been exalted as a powerful aphrodisiac.

These four tips can help you serve up the perfect combination of pleasure and passion this Valentine’s Day. So can FoodyDirect. Shop foods and gifts today.