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Four Questions to Ask When Choosing Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a strategic maneuver aimed at building loyalty and supporting satisfaction of both clients and employees. But implementing a corporate gift program is more than a simple matter. Why? Because what you give is just as important as the fact that you’re giving it. Let’s count down a few key questions to consider when choosing corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts

Nothing says “you’re worth it” like caviar.

1. For whom are you buying?

The importance of this question — and its answer — cannot be overstated. Why? Because in today’s competitive hiring landscape, keeping employees happy is a critical imperative. One way to do so? Show them how much they matter to you.

While this is difficult to accomplish with a generic gift, a gift that demonstrates a personal connection with the recipient is guaranteed to make a positive impression. From carnivorous clients to chocolate-loving employees, gifts for foodies offer a can’t-go-wrong option when you cater to the recipient’s individual tastes.

2. What message do you want to convey?

Ultimately, giving a corporate gift is about delivering a message to the recipient. Are you expressing appreciation? Wooing a client? Trying to close a deal? While the specifics may differ, the overriding principle remains the same in 99.9 percent of cases: personal and yet professional should be a guiding factor in your choice, regardless of the recipient.

While gifts like alcohol, jewelry and perfume can toe the line of appropriateness, food gifts are simultaneously heartfelt and yet respectful.

3. Where are you going to buy it?

The last thing anyone wants is another trinket or piece of clutter. After all, implicit in the expression that it’s “the thought that count” is the word “thought.” In other words, just as people are not one size fits all, nor should the process of gift-giving be rote. Gifts must be both inherently useful and meaningful.

While your in-store choices may be limited, your options are endless when you take advantage of online shopping. Mail order food companies like FoodyDirect, for example, aggregate the country’s most unique food offerings from coast to coast into one central shopping experience. This makes it easy to find interesting, individualized gifts without spending excessive shopping hours.

4. How much do you want to spend?

While you can’t put a price on the value of a good employee, setting a budget when choosing corporate gifts is critical to ensuring optimal ROI. According to the website Business Knowledge Source, corporate gifts typically top out around $150.

But this doesn’t mean you have to spend this much on everyone; nor does it mean you can’t go above this threshold for particularly good clients. If you’re trying to woo a big partner or say “thank you” for a critical partnership, it may make sense to make a grander gesture with your gift.

Conversely, for some clients and/or employees, big is not necessarily better. What is? Finding the right gift to match the occasion.

One last tip? Be sure to build a line item into your budget for corporate gifts. This will give you the leeway to invest in corporate gifts as necessary.

Corporate gifts

The ultimate show of respect for carnivorous clients.

While implementing a corporate gift program may involve more than meets the eye, the payoffs make it well worth the effort and investment. By using these four questions to guide your selection process, you can leverage each corporate gift into an enhanced relationship with the recipient. Shop FoodyDirect’s extensive collection of corporate gifts today.