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4 Hostess Gifts to Impress

With so many holiday parties to attend, you’ll probably want to bring along an offering for your generous host or hostess. Sure, wine is a great choice (who doesn’t love wine), if you want your gift to be immediately forgotten. Instead, opt for a hostess gift so memorable that your host/hostess will have to call you and ask where you purchased that delectable gift from.

Red and green Christmas macarons

1. A Taste of France

La Fournette’s macarons are indistinguishable from those crafted by experts in Paris. For a good hostess gift, opt for their Two Collection Macaron Pack. You’ll be able to choose two of their collections to include. If you’re clever, you’ll save one collection for yourself to savor and enjoy.

2. Good Wine Pairing

Don’t worry about not bringing wine as your gift; we can guarantee that plenty of other folks will bring bottles of wine for your generous host. Be more creative and bring something that will pair well with any bottle of wine. Amy’s Cookies has a mouthwatering Chocolate Lovers Cookie Gift Tin that makes a perfect hostess gift or a holiday gift.

3. Savory Treats

For the host/hostess who doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, you’ll need to find something more savory. We recommend the Charleston Celebration Gift Box which contains shortcake biscuits, country ham biscuits, two varieties of cheese, and a spectacular bloody mary mix. They’ll have some for the party and some for later, too!

4. A Unique Gift to Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd with a gift that your hostess will really enjoy. Cake Monkey’s Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies are a unique choice for the holidays. We guarantee they’ll love the ginger cookies and orange scented buttercream!

Not to toot our own horn, but anything you choose from FoodyDirect will be a slam dunk. Make sure to check our Hostess Gifts section to find these and more gift options for the kind people generous enough to open their homes to you this holiday season. What’s your go-to hostess gift for holiday parties?