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FoodyDirect: Featuring Ferrara Bakery

Easter is a time for celebration, so why do so many hosts and hostesses dread the occasion? For one simple reason: Serving a formal dinner worthy of the momentous occasion can be a whole lot of work. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. With a little help from FoodyDirect and Ferrara Bakery, that is.

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Ferrara Bakery: Giving all new meaning to the phrase “Holy Cannoli!” this Easter.

In fact, the 10 minutes it takes you to read this article and click your way to a scrumptious dessert spread may save you 50 or more times that in shopping, prepping, baking, and cleanup. Here’s a closer look at why getting to know Ferrara Bakery may be the equivalent of finding the golden egg during this year’s Easter festivities.

About Ferrara Bakery

The Ferrara name and fine food date all the way back to 1892 when Enrico Scoppa and Antonio Ferrara joined forces to open a cafe called Café A. Ferrara aimed at giving opera lovers a place to gather together, play cards, and enjoy their native espresso.

The business evolved over the years and through the generations, developing its reputation for extraordinary freshness during the Great Depression, when the popular neighborhood establishment first began baking cakes and cookies in small batches in order to minimize waste.

Now celebrating its 125th anniversary, the Ferrara name endures today and its spirit remains unchanged thanks to the current generation’s commitment to honoring the efforts of their ancestors. Say current operators Ernest Lepore and Adeline Lepore Sessa, ‘We take great pride to ensure that the legacy of quality, consistency and customer service that has been handed down through five generations, remains intact and continues to flourish,”  they say.

It’s hardly surprising that foodie fans continue to clamor for its cakes, cookies, cannolis and candies — all perfect sweet treats for wrapping up your Easter brunch, lunch or dinner.

Ferrara’s Famous Fans

Given its rich history, it’s hardly surprising that Ferrara boasts a long list of famous admirers. Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli bypassed dinner completed to choose Ferrara’s Lobster Tail Pastries and Sfogliatella as her ideal last meal for the Food Network show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” while Practical Jokers Joseph “Joe“ Gatto, James “Murr“ Murray, Brian “Q“ Quinn and Salvatore “Sal“ Vulcano headed to Ferrara Bakery when planning one of their famous pranks.

Already heralded as “America’s First Pasteria & Espresso Bar,” Ferrara added another feather to its confectionary cap in 2014 when it baked its way to a Guinness World Record. The largest cannoli ever debuted at the San Gennaro Festival and measured in at 12 feet long and 350 pounds. It also contained a whopping 50 pounds of chocolate chips. Just how big was this cannoli? It more than doubled the previous record-holders weight of 150 pounds.  (Ferrara also lays claim to having originated everyone’s favorite edible exclamatory, “Holy Cannoli!”)

But Ferrara doesn’t owe its reputation just to its celebrity admirers. Zagat user reviews praise its “heaven-on-a-plate” cannolis and legendary status. And while long lines are a staple at its Grand Street location (some say this is just part of its charm), those looking to bypass the crowds will find FoodyDirect to be a splendid way to get their hungry hands on Ferrara’s blissful baked goods.

Other praise for Ferrara? USA Today’s 10BEST enthuses that since the business first opened its doors — the very same year Ellis Island opened its own — “Nearly everything in New York has changed, except Ferrara’s focus. From cannolis to cream puffs, gelato to Pignoli cookies, this mainstay continues to churn out the classics of yesteryear.”

Meanwhile, Thrillist proclaims that Ferrara has “perfected” dessert.

And in its roundup of NYC’s oldest Italian bakeries and pastry shops, AMNewYork
declares Ferrara’s “showstopping” status.

Take Dessert Delicious New Levels

Ferrara has spent the past 125 years earning its status as the end-all, be-all of superb Italian specialties — not just in New York, but also throughout the country thanks to the FoodyDirect and its gourmet food online offerings.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner for your nearest and dearest or a bigger Easter event bringing together those from near and far, items like the traditional 4-Egg Castella bread, cookie trays in assorted sizes ranging from one to five pounds, struffoli, pignoli, torrone, cheesecake, panettone, and much much more are guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s inner Italian.

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Inspired by the old country. Delivered to your door.

Dying for a taste of them all? Ferrara’s remarkable Easter Sampler Gift Pack includes everything you need to serve up an Easter extravaganza (including an adorable and festive egg-shaped mini Italian sponge cake) — without lifting a finger.

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Why limit your options when you can have them all?

Heading to someone else’s home on Easter and/or separated from loved ones on the holiday? Skip pre-made Easter gift baskets, and go with this thoughtful gesture instead.  Or choose from Ferrara’s massive lineup of treats to create your own custom basket at home.

Easter only comes around once a year, but the memories made last a lifetime. So why not make sure the festivities end on the most delicious note possible? Get started today by browsing all of our delicious bakery and dessert items.