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Five Pies That Totally Taste Like Summer

Summer. It’s one of the most evocative words in the English language. And while you might not be able to put it into words, you know it when you see it. Or taste it, as the case may be. One of the most amazing things about the season? The bounty of fresh fruit ripe and ready for eating. And while it’s wonderful plucked fresh from the tree, we also enjoy it in very different yet delightful form: Pie. But which pies, in particular, best encapsulate the taste of summer? Here’s a roundup of five summer-perfect pies.

Summer pies

1. Grand Traverse Cherry Crumb Pie

Summer pies

Pie ingredient perfection.

Packed with crisp, luscious, and sweet-tart cherries, this culinary masterpiece from Oprah’s fav Grand Traverse Pie Company is anything but your ordinary cherry pie. For starters, it’s made with cherries from Northern Michigan’s famed Montmorency cherries — known as the finest cherries in the world. Factor in a scratch-made crust, the very best ingredients available, and a special crumb top, and it’s a pie revelation. Chef Mario Batali once said of this offering, “I don’t think I’ve ever had as good a pie as Grand Traverse Pie Company’s Cherry Crumb Pie….It’s a religious experience.”

2. Key Lime Pie

Can’t swing a tropical vacation this summer? Little Pie Company’s Key Lime Pie’s citrus-y flavors will make you feel like you did!  A blissful balance of sweet and tart, it’s made with real key lime juice for an authentic end result. A rich graham-cracker crust is a decadent finishing touch.

3. Marionberry Pie

You’ve had blueberry pie. You’ve had raspberry pie. You’ve had strawberry pie. But have you ever had marionberry pie? Developed by researchers at Oregon State, the marionberry is a cross between two blackberry varieties which packs the ultimate berry punch thanks to its intense flavor and enticing aroma. In the hands of the pie geniuses at Ikeda’s California Country Market, marionberry pie achieves new levels of pie perfection — a consummate complement to any summer sunset.

Summer pies

Make mine marionberry!

4. Blueberry Peach Pie

There’s nothing more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a sweet, juicy piece of blueberry pie in the summer. But then again, bursting-with-flavor peach pie is a heavenly summertime treat. So what’s a hungry pie-eater to do? Sure, you could skip dinner and have a slice of each, but you could also kill two fruits with one stone by ordering up the sublime Blueberry Peach Pie from FoodyDirect’s You Need Pie!

What put this Estes Park, Colorado joint on the map?  Aside from using only the freshest seasonal fruit and no preservatives, they pack six cups of it into each pie — more than twice the amount used by most bakeries. And did we mention the signature oh-so-buttery crumb topping?

5. Old Fashioned Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving may come to mind when you think of pecan pie, but it’s also especially fine in the summer. And seeing how July 12 is National Pecan Day, it makes scrumptious sense that this one would crack the list. For pie purists, you can’t go wrong with this wholesome classic from Blue Owl Bakery. Just a handful of ingredients — headlined by crunchy Georgia pecan halves — add up to a mouthful of magnificence.

Summer pies

No campfire? No problem when there’s S’mores pie for dessert.

While these five pies are a smart starting point, the fact is that — from S’mores to Strawberry Rhubarb – there is a near-endless assortment of pies to indulge in this summer. Just remember: there’s only one thing better than a slice of pie in the summertime: A slice of pie with a cool creamy scoop of ice cream on top!

Finding it difficult to decide between all this pie deliciousness? That’s what pie samplers are for!  Browse all our delicious pies and much, much more at FoodyDirect today.