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An American Classic: Our Favorite Cherry Dishes

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

According to the American Pie Council (How do we get on that council?!), the cherry pie first came to the United States along with the first settlers. Early American pie crusts weren’t even eaten and used merely as a container for the rest of the pie. The cherry pie is an American staple and there’s even a national holiday for it (February 20th). In honor of this delicious baked good, its history, and the holiday, we’re rounding up our favorite cherry-flavored treats from around the country. Go ahead and pull this video up and let it play while you scroll to set the mood.


“Tastes So Good Make a Grown Man Cry”

Obviously, we had to start with this one. The OG cherry pie is the perfect treat and we carry quite a few of them. The Grand Traverse cherry pie takes traditional a step up with their crumbly topping. Blue Owl Bakery’s cherry pie is of the classic variety with a handwoven blanket layered on top. You Need Pie!’s colorful creation is a unique twist on the regular cherry pie. It’s a unique combination of Michigan cherries and sweet, ripe peaches. Every one of these pies is worth your time and we recommend a sample of each just to be sure which is your favorite.


Have Your Cherry Cake & Eat It Too

Cherries come in so many forms, but one of our favorites is in cake form. Krumville Bake Shop’s Gluten-Free Cherry Chocolate Layer Cake is made with the finest black cherry puree buttercream you’ve ever tasted stacked in between layers of their signature chocolate cake. Just because it’s gluten-free doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious.


Feelin’ Fancy

You’ll certainly feel fancy when you get a mouthful of Fancy Nancy’s Amarena Cherry Gelato. This creamy dessert combines dark, sweet, and tart cherries with crisp Amaretti macaroons for something quintessentially Italian.


Pie in a Pocket

When we said cherries come in all forms, we meant it. Mamie’s Pies aren’t your average pies. They’re pocket-sized! These all-natural single serving cherry pies are made with the freshest ingredients and no preservatives. The small but sweet cherries bring big New England flavor that you won’t be able to resist.


Pie for Breakfast?

Well, not exactly but kringles are perfect for any meal! These Cherry Kringles from Racine Danish Kringles are a buttery and flaky way to treat yourself to something delicious. Just one mouthful of the tart Door County cherries and sweet vanilla frosting will transport you to a balmy summer in Wisconsin.
No matter what form your cherry pies come in, FoodyDirect carries the most delicious options. Hungry, yet? Head to FoodyDirect for the best dishes from around the country delivered right to your door.