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Enjoy the Sea-Kissed Summer Flavors of Maine Lobster

Break out the bibs and crackers because we’ve got spectacular Maine lobster dishes that are perfect for summer entertaining!

With warm eves and a desire for light yet memorable summer feasts, there is no better season to enjoy the delicious sea-kissed, succulent flavor of Maine lobster, and we have all the best ways to savor the delicacy. In honor of outdoor entertaining–and a love for bringing you foods that will enhance your life–we present you with our top lobster picks of the season:

Four-Star Live Maine Lobster–Plus $20 OFF!


We know it can be hard to choose a reliable source for delivering the freshest, best live lobster. That’s why we make it simple–by sourcing from the same boutique New York company that provides lobster to NYC’s famed Le Bernardin restaurant and Napa Valley’s French Laundry. Homarus Maine Lobster sources their hearty, hard-shelled lobsters from pristine 500-foot waters 20 miles off the Maine coast. The rough, rocky ocean floor these lobsters call home is great for their health, which means great taste for us. These chilled-out and well-fed lobsters fill out their shells nicely as they grow, which hardens their outsides even more, resulting in nature’s recipe for the perfect lobster. It’s no wonder NYC’s famed Nobu and Grammercy Tavern restaurants also buy their lobsters from Homarus—lobster doesn’t get any better than this. Get $20 off an 8-pack of live, succulent Humarus lobsters now.

Quintessential Maine Lobster Rolls


For many East Coasters, lobster rolls are a summer rite of passage. But since we’ve partnered with Luke’s Lobster, you can now load up picnic plates wherever you are with the spectacular Maine lobster rolls preferred by the Today show, Oprah, New York Times, Food Network, and lobster roll fans everywhere. You’ll get 1 pound of succulent, bun-ready lobster meat, 6 New England split-top buns, 1 jar of Luke’s secret seasoning blend, 4 bags of Cape Cod Original Chips, and a recipe card that tells you how to put it all together. (Hint: It’s really easy–all you need to add is a little butter, lemon, and mayo.) If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you try Luke’s Lobster Roll Kit!

Lobster Pot Pies


Is there anything better than the creamy-dreamy taste of lobster and veggies blanketed with buttery, flaky puff pastry? We’re don’t think so, especially if it comes from our partner, Kennebunk Inn. Aside from being the embodiment of the New England experience, this destination inn and restaurant is responsible for a Maine lobster experience like no other with their spectacular, ready-to-bake lobster pot pies heralded by Travel & Leisure, Oprah’s O Magazine and “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” Delivered fresh (not frozen or pre-cooked), they’re the ultimate Maine lobster indulgence.

No matter how you crack ‘em, there no better taste of summer than these Maine lobster specialties.